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detection module Customers Reviews

  • okay

    posted by Troncs

    FC-28-C Soil Moisture Detection Control Module + Soil Humidity Sensor - Blueproduct of excellent workmanship. packaged well. running perfectly.
    recommend to all. in site search easily think about the tutorial script to compile this function. It's a a great deal. The price is excellent for a original board and you. The shipment was fast, I got it within 1.5 weeks. It was packaged in a carton box within a bubble wrap envelop. No damage during shipment whatsoever.
    Good deal.
  • High Quality Component!

    posted by brettcarroll

    Small size. (less than 3/4 x 3/4 inches)Resistor onboard.3 pin interface. (GND,VCC,SENSOR)Includes holes for mounting and solder points for chaining other switches (in parallel)Super cheap!
    This is a very simple component.Great for use as a CNC limit switch.Has extra solder points for adding an LED.Switch is normally open.May need to twist/turn the magnetic switch to get it to activate properly when a magnet is place over the switch.
    If you are looking for an easy to use magnetic switch, you can't go wrong with this little board.
  • Very good sound sensor

    posted by luqux

    Just plug it and you will get data, its just a sound level meter, It has 2 data pins, one always sending 5v, or i simply just dont know whats that pin for.>The other pin, sends 0 to 5v when u talk or scream or smash it to something.
    it has two red lights to indicate working, but too bright, i think.
    nothing else to say, its very cheap and it works well.nothing else to say, its very cheap and it works well.
  • Simple to use, Narrow ranged, 2-way Light sensor.

    posted by RonaldoKass

    This sensor is very simple to use. Connect VCC (5V), GND and measure TTL high/low on the two digital outputs. Two trimpots allow you to configure the light sensitivity of each of the 2 channels, so that you can use that to measure two different levels of illumination.It is pretty well built.
    Make sure the light source (area) is facing the top of the photodiodes sphere (not the sides).
    Easy to use, narrow ranged.
  • Cute to experiment with

    posted by tnvd

    This is one of the fun items to use with your development board or in an actual application. There is enough information on the internet on how to connect, how to install light sensor, how to install temperature compensation for high ambient temperature. Also found the Eagle schematics and board layout. There is also documentation (of course not from DX) which explains the soldered bridge H&L.I will quote for you://"two trigger mode: (can be selected by solder-bridge)a, can not repeat the trigger: the sensor output high, the delay time is over, the output will automatically become low from high;b, repeatable trigger: the sensor output high after the delay period, if the human body in its sensing rangeActivities, its output will remain high until after the delay will be left high to low (sensor module reviewMeasured activities of each body will be automatically extended after a delay time, and the final event of the delay timeStarting point of time)."//
    Just grab one. It's fun to experiment with your ARcuino

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