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desk clock Customers Reviews

  • Nice design, alarm time not accurate

    posted by hilnes

    Nice design! It has the size of your palm. The finishing is ok. I use it in the bathroom. The rubber protects the tiling when is falls.
    Easy to use. The alarm sound is loud enough to wake you up. It is a beeping sound. The alarm set hand should be a little shorter. If you take a quick look you could make a mistake in the time.
    Usefull for me but not as bed room clock.
  • Nice to o'clock with thermometer

    posted by Honmi

    The clock is really beautiful an works perfectly.for the price i recomend you to buy it! has good quality! Its a nice desk clock. Very easy to setup, even without the manual . Have fahrenheit and celsius. Great size of the numbers in the display nice colors, nice finishing.
    Use near PC, pleasant green light colour as well as at least information on ambient temperature.
    Advise, behind acceptable money high value in use.

    posted by DoniSacramento

    Looks great ewhatever the place in the house. Small and cute. Looks just like the real one though smaller. Both USB and AC charging ways are great for travelers.
    Great gift everyyone would like to receive. I am sure most people will agree that there should also be some electronic way to enter owner's name so to display in the director field.
    Highly recommended to all ages.
  • Clock ligh

    posted by henriqueboff

    Great product. The brightness of the LED is perfect, it is small, compact and fits anywhere in your home. It is plugged in but has an internal battery that when no light keeps the time and date set. I already have it for over two years and continues to function normally. My friends love it. It is easy to clean and also easy to set up. Only regretted not having bought one of each color. There are several models of different colors. Besides all this he also tells the temperature on the display, which is perfect. Buy one.
  • Simple and unique

    posted by aljostrava

    Clock has a very simple mechanism, just put the battery in, adjust the hands and it works like a charm.Black background and white numbers and hands make a good contrast, so it's easy to see the time even at low light.
    Good packaging! I was very happy to see it because it came in a solid cardboard box, unlike other DX items which I received in soft packages, so that's another plus.The 'books' are rather large, they are about the size of dictionaries.
    It looks great on a bookshelf, a very simple clock but with a unique design.

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