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  • Good for the price

    posted by Muhilisa

    Cheap, probably almost same capacity as original, golden :)
    The original battery for my HTC Desire went almost dead so I needed a replacement. This one is cheap and works nicely. The fit is very tight but that's not a real issue.The battery itself holds nicely.Note: The battery acts weird between 15% and 40%, as if recharging itself when idle. Not a problem, just weird.
    Can't beat it for the price really :) Recomended as a backup battery.
  • It is not very expensive.

    posted by timothydegraaf

    Good for replace your old battery. De price is very low and the battery is the same size as the orginal. Delevery to The Netherlands in 2 weeks.Good for replace your old battery. De price is very low and the battery is the same size as the orginal. Delevery to The Netherlands in 2 weeks.
    - Good price v.s. quality- Fast delivering- Good quality- Good price v.s. quality- Fast delivering- Good quality
    Perfect for replace your old battery for the HTC desire S
  • Cheap and useful as a second battery but doesn't show its 1600mAh

    posted by MarcHug

    Inexpensive replacement for standard battery.Capacity remains the same as new, even after several months of heavy use (2 or 3 charge a day)
    Anyway, HTC Desire HD has poor autonomy, so buy several replacement, a battery charger and be prepared to switch batteries during the day !
  • Performs equal to the original!

    posted by CrazyDutch

    Looks sturdy enough for a battery, and is just slightly lighter then the original HTC battery.I don't have any fancy measuring tools, but i can tell you this:When i switched this battery with the original, i found no difference in lifetime AT ALL!It fits into the casing without any trouble.
    I still can't figure out why this battery is so good for the price.. just over 6 dollars and since I pay in euro's it's even more fun!You should shop around for a craddle with battery loader, so your spare battery is always ready to be used! (Deal extreme has some oke craddles).
    - Cheapest you can get, but yet it performs like it's an original- Slightly less mAh then advertised, but still very good.You can't go wrong on this one! For this price.. this performance.. I'd buy it again, but I think 2 is sufficient.
  • Handy for smartphone

    posted by Pcfr34k

    - Small charger with high capacity battery.- With USB port for phone charging.- Came with 1600 mAh battery!!!- Low price for good replacement.
    - A clamp for locking the battery in place while charging would be nice.
    Great deal!Came with 1600 mAh battery!!! :D

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