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decorative nails Customers Reviews

  • Perfect!

    posted by thisbr

    Its cute and colorful, comes in a little rounded box just like the in picture. The colors are the same. Slim enough to use on your nails or something else.
    Its great to decorate your nails, really small and cute, its perfect. If you want to, you can buy the whole lime here, but then you will have to cut that, and maybe you wont cut that perfectly slim to use on your nails.
    You'll take a long time to use all the fruits, comes a lot of them inside this little box!
  • These are cute!

    posted by donicaben

    Lots of pretty colors. It's inexpensive and the container it comes with keeps any mess at a minimum.
    First off - I am incredibly impressed with the container. The top slides with a opening that will rotate to whatever color you choose at the time. It scrapes against the dividers, dropping any little static-clung pieces as it moves into it's own compartment. These are a little hard to pick up and apply, but that goes with the territory.
    These are really good quality. I recommend!
  • Nails beautiful and safe

    posted by gareis29

    The nails are beautiful and above all have a very thin layer that can not even realize that the nail is false. The glaze is very beautiful shape perfectly and nails to nail true.
    The glue could be tougher and more durable. Moreover, the nails are very well made ??and look beautiful in hand.
    In summary, the nails are beautiful and are very nice in the hands, almost imperceptible, it appeared not to be false.
  • Super cute!

    posted by jessyross

    - They have a cute style,- They fit the nails very well - They are long- From a distance they look very natural- If you take good care of them, they can last a lot of time.
    I'd suggest buying 2 packages of it, since it comes only 12 pieces of nails and you may lose some while wearing (I've lost 2 already xD). Also, buying 2 packages would help you finding the perfect size for your nails.
    I recommend this to everyone who wants pretty and flashy nails and doesn't have enough time to make them on their own ^^

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