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decoration led bulb

If you want to purchase decoration led bulb, this is your best place to buy it. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. e14 led bulb, t10 led bulb may be more suitable for you. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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decoration led bulb Customers Reviews

  • Cold great light

    posted by bobox

    I replaced my car reading lamps and I am very impressed with the new "look". The light is very bright. I have to of these installed in my car and I can say that when I open the door, suddenly the night becomes day :) Great quality and very easy to mount.
    I'm going to buy another set for my car back reading lamps.
    Even if they are a little bit expensive, the built quality is very good, and this is a big plus, and can be installed very easy which is a very good thing also.
  • my new signal lamp

    posted by wantabi

    -They are very noticiable .
    - waterproof.
    _ they have a film of attached adhesive tape to stick in proper position.
    - They work with 12 volts.
    I am thinking about buy blue ones.
    Dont try to install them by yourself if you dont have any idea how electricity works.
  • Good for the new generation of cars

    posted by catalinux

    It works for the new generation of cars that have computers to check light bulb is OK.
    It gives enough light to be used as parking lights.
    It is good if you want to have enough light as a 5W bulb light.
    I thought it was really white but it is a little blueish.
    I wanted the protected version but it was a little expensive, that was more appropriate at that time.
  • Happy with it

    posted by Wilsen

    - Bright! - Colour wise: It is much whiter than other LED i tried... The other LED i tried has a scent of blue in it making it dimmer than this LED i tried. NICE WHITE!- Price: reasonable... cheaper than the usual traditional incandescent bulb.-Power consumption: very minimal! which is great.
    - Will buy more for my own stock!- Will also recommend it to others
  • Not bad, but

    posted by AEfremenko

    By the brightness of these bulbs replace home lamp power of 15 watts.
    Replaced 2 lamps of 15 watts. At the same brightness.
    But LED bulbs have a cold light. Therefore, the signal does not turn orange, and yellow.
    Saved a 14-watt light bulb for each. Power consumption measured to believe word for it.
    My tip for SKU 34643 is wrong.

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