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dc voltage step Customers Reviews

  • Great Stepdown transformer with USB

    posted by Naynee

    Good quality made.Compact and run fine in the conditions as described, if you want to consume more than 3 AMP use a dissipator to low the high temp but if not work fine.Easy of use and install.
    Works great as described, maybe an extra dissipator work better with high AMP needs.
    Perfect for any project for home or work, I use it with 24V Battery Busses and work very well.Go for it!
  • Very good step up converter

    posted by keven91

    Handles 5+ amps of current (all my supply can put out) and boosts voltage well. Good regulation. Measures about 91% efficient. Small and compact. Has decent heat sink.
    Gets to 185 degrees F at ~3 amps input continuous at room temp (75 degrees).
    Overall a nice little unit, but don't expect 5 amps continuous with that heat sink. For the price it can't be beat.
  • Nice little power conversion modules

    posted by Delirioux

    This module was exactly what I was looking for.In my rc planes I needed to power a little camera, so I used this device to step down the voltage. It is simple to use, easy to adjust voltage. Since I do not use it to draw a lot of current, in my case, the unit doesn't get hot. I would recommend this unit to anyone if your current requirements aren't too high.
    No other thoughts for this product
    Small, light easy to use module to fit to your power needs in your projects.
  • Cheap

    posted by metal03326

    - It's cheap. - It has good build quality. - It's small.
    I bought this for my solar panel (3.4 volts at 40mA) to experiment. My expectations were this thing to supply solid 5V no matter the load. This is not what I got - when plug something to charge, the voltage drops to the input one (3.4V) and the current stays as input one (40mA). I was expecting the current to drop, but the voltage to remain 5V.
    It's cheap, so it can be used for experimenting without emptying your wallet.
  • Exactly what I wanted

    posted by mythic1

    -Easy to use even for novices-Wires are ready to solder-2 ears to get it fixed tight-15w output power (5V, 3A), sufficient to power a dash camera, etc.-Quality feel-All the details you need are written on product-Very well sealed against dirt or dust-Small enough to hide it under the dash
    -Ideal converter with sufficient power output. Ideal for powering any gadget for your car
    -I recommend it. Other products around, for the same price, you get maximum 10w output power.


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