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dc voltage converter Customers Reviews

  • Good little invertor

    posted by skinnybloke

    Im using this small invertor to power 50w + 50 watt amp boreds, it dilivers all the current the amp needs, very efficiant on the power supply, great way to run powerful amps of battries :)
    Used several on various projects, such a hand device to have around, just wish they would make a bi-polar version #:)
    Ive even used it for the 100+100 watt sure amplifier bored, is fine for 8 ohms but just a little under current for 4 ohms :)
  • good

    posted by Zanga2

    - It has good stabilization of the output voltage. When i have supplied it with 12V the output stayed constantly at 4.99 - 5.03 volts regardless of the output current which was between 0.5A to a maximum of 2 Amps
    - A small switch would be a good addition to it when using in the car, or at least connecting it to a switched plus is a good idea to prevent it from running idle and flattening the battery.
    Very good DC power supply, with stable voltage. The price could be better though.
  • Good Li-Ion to USB Charger board

    posted by relic38

    - Very low idle current (measured at 7uA). It can be left on a battery; no need to include a switch- Charge LED is only on when charging- Wide input voltage, even provides some charge below 2V input.- Stays cool enough to put in an enclosure without worrying about overheating.
    I used this to build a mobile power battery charger using a 3.5" HDD case and a single 22Ah LiFePO4 cell. Check my uploaded picture. This beast will charge my phone 7-8 times before needing a recharge.
    If you are looking for a low idle current USB charger board with a charge active LED, this is a good option. if you don't care if the LED is on always, SKU 143571 provides virtually the same current (check my review there) with a lower price.
  • Very good step up converter

    posted by keven91

    Handles 5+ amps of current (all my supply can put out) and boosts voltage well. Good regulation. Measures about 91% efficient. Small and compact. Has decent heat sink.
    Gets to 185 degrees F at ~3 amps input continuous at room temp (75 degrees).
    Overall a nice little unit, but don't expect 5 amps continuous with that heat sink. For the price it can't be beat.
  • Exactly what I wanted

    posted by mythic1

    -Easy to use even for novices-Wires are ready to solder-2 ears to get it fixed tight-15w output power (5V, 3A), sufficient to power a dash camera, etc.-Quality feel-All the details you need are written on product-Very well sealed against dirt or dust-Small enough to hide it under the dash
    -Ideal converter with sufficient power output. Ideal for powering any gadget for your car
    -I recommend it. Other products around, for the same price, you get maximum 10w output power.


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