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dc voltage converter Customers Reviews

  • Let's use it!

    posted by VladimrS

    Native design. The 68uH closed core inductor. True Low ESR, high RMS in/out capacitors.
    There is even no place for feedforward capacitor on so large board. Feedforward capacitor 33nF-220pF you must choose yourself depend on Output Voltage and solder it directly at the variable resistor manually (see datasheet LM2596). It should be better if the board has additional soldering pins specially for feedforward capacitor package 0805 or 1206. Some other low price DC-DC converters provide less quality inductor, lower value capacitors and narrow PCB tracks.
    Work's well. Let's use it!
  • Great boost converter with stable power

    posted by bear123

    - stable voltage- effiecency is very good- able to boost variably and accurately - fuse- green power LED
    - I modded mine with sku 187376 (mini voltage meter V20D) on the output so I can see the voltage at all times under load. This is an easy mod and well worth the time spent. - I tested this boost convertor with 10 x 1.2v NIMH AA batteries running at 12v and I was able to get a maximum stable output of 26.2v at 76 watts or 2.9 amps. This is very good results for rechargeable NIMH AA battery power source. I will test next with some larger DC input power source and I will assume I will be able to boost to higher stable voltage but not exceeding the input output specs of this boost converter. Seems very efficient and provides smooth adjustable power. You can adjust the output as fine as 2 decimal places easily. What I mean is the adjustment provides fine tuning so I can dial in lets say 15.24v or 28.15v exactly as a random example. Once under load depending on the input power source the voltage will likely drop a little or a lot which is expected.
    Seems to be a great quality boost converter so far. Its small and did not create much heat with an output of 26.2v at 76w for about 5 min. I would think the 150w rating is fair for maximum spec for this unit. I would not advise exceeding this.
  • Very good step up converter

    posted by keven91

    Handles 5+ amps of current (all my supply can put out) and boosts voltage well. Good regulation. Measures about 91% efficient. Small and compact. Has decent heat sink.
    Gets to 185 degrees F at ~3 amps input continuous at room temp (75 degrees).
    Overall a nice little unit, but don't expect 5 amps continuous with that heat sink. For the price it can't be beat.
  • Useful if you know how to handle

    posted by amigaexpert

    * Small* Quite powerful
    The blue LED shines not that bright, and also variably with the taken current.If there is no load, i can barely see it in a dark environment, if i plug in my phone it shines like a normal non-superbright blue LED would.Great for monitoring if the USB device is ready.
    If you need to have 5.2 V from a Lithium cell, this one is for you (if you can live with the ~500mA useful range).But a separate low voltage detection/cutoff and a mechanical switch are needed, i think.Also, Beware! A 1A @5V output needs 2A out of the 3.5V Cell, and that also rises while the cell voltage drops.Do not risk to kill your cell!
  • fantastic in the car, now have high current USB available

    posted by mikeybravo

    simple to use, just plugged in the power and then a USB cable into the device. the power output is up to 3.5 amps, so it's good to charge iPads and other devices as a "quick charge".
    it was very easy to wire up, just found a +ve from the 12V in the car, and a -ve. very easy to wire up.
    Love it, will buy more for other people so they can also charge their devices in their cars.

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