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dc voltage boost Customers Reviews

  • Good little invertor

    posted by skinnybloke

    Im using this small invertor to power 50w + 50 watt amp boreds, it dilivers all the current the amp needs, very efficiant on the power supply, great way to run powerful amps of battries :)
    Used several on various projects, such a hand device to have around, just wish they would make a bi-polar version #:)
    Ive even used it for the 100+100 watt sure amplifier bored, is fine for 8 ohms but just a little under current for 4 ohms :)
  • regulator step up

    posted by firehorse

    Tiny robust easy to wire up with good access to the terminalsBoard shows where to solder inputs and outputsfunky color if you want to match it with something redthis is running for 5vsb input to 12v output and seems so far to be stableAlso runs coolRipple voltage is .03volts and 12v output is running stable for 3 weeks now
    price is average for this designI bought some other regs here on DX insteadwill see if any better
    does the job at decent specificationsyou cant make one yourself for cheaper
  • I was surprised that it works.

    posted by jirka80

    A relatively large voltage range. Increasing the drive worked on the first try.
    When the need for constant output voltage for a wide variety of input values??, the product seemed ideal. Very simple to set up with great sensitivity. Easy wiring. With a bit of caution must operate on the first circuit.
    price / value

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