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dc usb module Customers Reviews

  • Muito versatil

    posted by DiGiacomo

    Achei esse aparelhinho muito bacana para quem tem um carro com o som original de fabrica que nao possui as entradas de usb e cartao SD pois isso é mto util no carro para ouvir musicas em uma viajem por exemplo! e o mais interessante dele é que ele pode ficar dentro do porta luvas do carro pois tem um extensor do sensor do controle remoto.
    mp3 para carro ppor usb e cartao SD e aux com controle remoto e extensor
  • Useful if you know how to handle

    posted by amigaexpert

    * Small* Quite powerful
    The blue LED shines not that bright, and also variably with the taken current.If there is no load, i can barely see it in a dark environment, if i plug in my phone it shines like a normal non-superbright blue LED would.Great for monitoring if the USB device is ready.
    If you need to have 5.2 V from a Lithium cell, this one is for you (if you can live with the ~500mA useful range).But a separate low voltage detection/cutoff and a mechanical switch are needed, i think.Also, Beware! A 1A @5V output needs 2A out of the 3.5V Cell, and that also rises while the cell voltage drops.Do not risk to kill your cell!
  • Atleast 1A output.

    posted by GreenTechNetwor

    I've tested this module with a few devices and can confirm it works with the following:Most android phonesMost non smart phonesMost USB devicesI've ran it for over an hour during tests. My phone pulls about 1A while charging and the module was only slightly warm. It could probably handle 1.5A if you pushed it.
    They are perfect for creating portable phone chargers with 2x AA batteries, or one 18650 battery.
    Buy it and create your own portable phone charger!
  • Very good device

    posted by Stason266

    Very good quality of product. Good power supply is usefull for using mobile HDD. All basic functions are present and work good. Sound quality is good, noise is absent.
    I bought this device for my "car media centre" project. It is very useful for me, that the device has headphones out and has not FM radio. I inserted this device into my stock cassette car radio. It required a minimum of changes.
    I recomend this device for your DIY project. Especially for upgrade of your cassete car radio. In this case, you have radio alredy, and you need a good mp3-player.This device is cheap, simple and very good mp3-player without any bugs!
  • Great object

    posted by Punkiderma

    Regulate your current to the standard USB voltage and intensity.It also has a small led telling you when electricity is passing; if you use it with a solar panel (like I've done), the led will tell you if the panel is catching enough light.
    I think this object can have a lot of applications. The standard USB port is great.
    I recommend you to use this with a solar panel


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