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dc to dc Customers Reviews

  • small and reliable adapter

    posted by smar2

    The adapter is small, light and waterproof (don't use it while wet, though).The pinout is standard for usb-A to 4-contacts 3.5mm jack adapters, usually used in connecting MP3 players to PCs, for data transfer or battery charging.
    It would be nice if available in other colours too, so that it could match the mp3 players' colours.
    If you lost the original adapter of your MP3 player, this will be a perfect replacement, at a decent price. Personally tested with a couple of Samsung MP3 players.
  • DC Voltage Regulator

    posted by NektariosSp

    Great piece. Quite useful. Not possible to build one, using ordinary 7805, cables and a USB socket. Works fine, but I have not tested it running to the current limits. Great for installation in cars, DIY projects and of course, for connecting any USB powered device.
    I have no other thoughts.
    Good to buy. Nothing special needed for installation.
  • Useful if you know how to handle

    posted by amigaexpert

    * Small* Quite powerful
    The blue LED shines not that bright, and also variably with the taken current.If there is no load, i can barely see it in a dark environment, if i plug in my phone it shines like a normal non-superbright blue LED would.Great for monitoring if the USB device is ready.
    If you need to have 5.2 V from a Lithium cell, this one is for you (if you can live with the ~500mA useful range).But a separate low voltage detection/cutoff and a mechanical switch are needed, i think.Also, Beware! A 1A @5V output needs 2A out of the 3.5V Cell, and that also rises while the cell voltage drops.Do not risk to kill your cell!
  • Excellant Connector

    posted by bls123

    Perfect for my use which was to have 2 nice molded connectors, each on a short cable for powering projects where using one of these worked out better than using a circuit board mounted connector. Much neater and provides a more reliable wire to socket connection than wiring your own cable to a replacement jack.
    Could also be used as is of course. The 3rd connector was simply cut off and discarded to have maximum cable length on the other 2, but one could actually end up with 3 useful connectors if the other 2 were cut a bit shorter.
    Can't beat the price for 2 cables with molded connectors.
  • Exactly what I wanted

    posted by mythic1

    -Easy to use even for novices-Wires are ready to solder-2 ears to get it fixed tight-15w output power (5V, 3A), sufficient to power a dash camera, etc.-Quality feel-All the details you need are written on product-Very well sealed against dirt or dust-Small enough to hide it under the dash
    -Ideal converter with sufficient power output. Ideal for powering any gadget for your car
    -I recommend it. Other products around, for the same price, you get maximum 10w output power.

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