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dc to dc transformer Customers Reviews

  • Works for me

    posted by GabrielB11

    Cheaper than building it myself here... Since where I live the components are not common.
    Could be cheaper, maybe?
    It is compact and exactly what I needed to have my internet router working on batteries in case of power shutdown!It even has a LED that I find useful to know if it is actually working and I didn't know it had it.Got it encased and mounted in 10 minutes. The other one I made myself took me more than a week since I had to build my own cooper coils, and a generic circuit board because nobody sells them here.
  • very small step dowp PC

    posted by lasermanathome

    Very small unit wich makes every voltage below the input possible, with high efficiency and a good current.Produces almost no heat and is stable, within the specs of the manufacturer.
    You can build your own regulated micro-powersupply inside an instrument or give it its own case and build youshelve a very small but powerfull problemsolver.
    Do I need to write more?!!
  • perfect

    posted by hidaba

    very stable and the current that provides is more than enough to power my raspberry pi. Absolutely does not heat up so I think it definitely has a good performance. the current and the voltage seem stable.I recommend it to all those who have to power a device to 5V, probably even in your car is a good substitute dell'accendi cigars as it has a higher return
    with 12 V input voltage does not heat at all
    is just what I wanted to not use a 7805 which dissipates a lot of heat.With a 7805 I put a heatsink but it was so hot you could not touch

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