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dc to dc boost Customers Reviews

  • Upconverter works well

    posted by ve3ffk

    Works well. I'm using it as a USB to 12V DC converter to avoid carrying (and caring for) an extra battery for some laptop accessories that use 12V. In this case, a TNC (computer to packet radio interface)
    Solder pads are large and located on the corners of the board, making connection very easy to solder, even if you aren't very good at soldering. The completely inept could still drill and bolt wires on if they had to.
    I will buy more when I need them.
  • Ideal for solar cells!

    posted by Polonium

    Great gadget for a very reasonable price.I use this step-up booster to transform the voltage of 3 solar panels (about 1.5V) to 5V.The current however is insuficcient to charge my smartphone. Most other devices charged well. (I think maximum current at 1.5V input is about 500mA)
    I hooked this booster to a power supply to see at with voltage it starts to work: 0.9V !!! Max. output however is lower.
    Small very usefull device for diy solar panels.
  • Great boost converter with stable power

    posted by bear123

    - stable voltage- effiecency is very good- able to boost variably and accurately - fuse- green power LED
    - I modded mine with sku 187376 (mini voltage meter V20D) on the output so I can see the voltage at all times under load. This is an easy mod and well worth the time spent. - I tested this boost convertor with 10 x 1.2v NIMH AA batteries running at 12v and I was able to get a maximum stable output of 26.2v at 76 watts or 2.9 amps. This is very good results for rechargeable NIMH AA battery power source. I will test next with some larger DC input power source and I will assume I will be able to boost to higher stable voltage but not exceeding the input output specs of this boost converter. Seems very efficient and provides smooth adjustable power. You can adjust the output as fine as 2 decimal places easily. What I mean is the adjustment provides fine tuning so I can dial in lets say 15.24v or 28.15v exactly as a random example. Once under load depending on the input power source the voltage will likely drop a little or a lot which is expected.
    Seems to be a great quality boost converter so far. Its small and did not create much heat with an output of 26.2v at 76w for about 5 min. I would think the 150w rating is fair for maximum spec for this unit. I would not advise exceeding this.
  • Useful step up, but not step down

    posted by HouseofStrauss

    WEll constructed with no signs of shipment damage. Came in EMF protected sleeve. Good fine grain control of voltage adjustment allowing .1V with good accuracy. 12.2V input gave a maximum of 37.8V output at maximum adj. 10.8V output at minimum adjustment (that's the brass screw on the blue box) Not carried out current load test yet. Probably very useful for boosting LED/ charge circuits requiring more than 12V
    Somewhat surprised this did not give lower voltage than 10.8 on minimum output (12.2V in) However I wanted a boost V output so this module was perfect
    As boost output this board is excellent. Good fine grain voltage control for V-out setting. Slightly too expensive compared with the other board http://www.dx.com/p/mini-dc-dc-voltage-stabilizer-regulator-module-red-126106 which is NOT a boost voltage, but reduces well to 1.V
  • Large but handy

    posted by Maddox0110

    It does exact what is promised, and a tad more, for a more than fair pricetag.
    The applications goes beyond what is advertised. I use it to power a 24V solenoïd with a 11.1V batterypack in a very adverse envirorment, with good results. No failures or misfires
    This ingenieus piece of technology does the task of boosting the voltage for a lot of applications. I believe my fellow roboteers will follow the lead to here.


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