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dc strip led

Purchase the latest dc strip led with wonderful pricing At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. smd led strip, ir led strip may be more suitable for you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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dc strip led Customers Reviews

  • fine COB strip

    posted by Iceananas

    - good quality- comforatble warm white color- compact size
    Such high power led modules generate a huge amount of heat! only operate them with sufficient cooling!
    This COB module is quite good, but too expensive. Several sources sell similar modules for much cheaper. Maybe DX should check the price.
  • Very nice LED strip

    posted by jelledekker

    + Price, 150 RGB-LEDs, pre-made strip, controller. Usually costs 2-5x more than this.- Color mixing, you don't really see the separate R, G and B any more.- Ease of use, plug-and-play
    I've also used sku14852, which is similar but costs $20 more. The only real differences I can spot are the controller+remote (this one is better) and the fact that this one has a sort of protection tube, where sku14582 has a glue-strip on the back. I'm planning to cut parts of the LED strip to use in projects where I'll make my own controller. So I would prefer the glue strip over the protection tube, but then again this one is $20 cheaper.
    Ver goo product for it's price. In Europe you can't even get the components for this kind of price, let alone the finished product.
  • Value for money LED strip

    posted by jumpmanz

    - simple to use
    - plug and play
    - excellent brightness
    - brought 2 strip to lighten up the rear for use with SKU 50508
    - brightness was good enough to light up the rear when reversing
    - install 2 strips on the bottom of my rear bumper
    - power connected to reversing power
    - value for money
    - would probably get an extra to keep as spare
  • Amazing LED Strip

    posted by andremurari

    * The most cheap 72W RGB Strip in dx.com*Comes with an adhesive 3M double-sided tape for fixing it.*Comes with a RGB controller like SKU: 108424 or SKU: 66067 (Control Box w/ IR 24-Key Remote Control 12V - 6A) which is sold separately for $6.20 - $7.60* Amazing LED colors with full brightness and a lot of functions provided by the controller (included)
    This is the best option for their who seeks connect more than one strip when a longer distance is required, the strip have a connector in the end, strong enough to support high-current provided by controllers of 216W.
    I bought 3 strips to make a 15m strip with a (SKU: 130913) 216W controller and the system is working as expected!!!
  • Nice LED strip

    posted by mc123

    The 5050 Waterproof 72W 3000lm 6000K 300-5050 SMD LED White Light Strip is shipped in a plastic sealed bag.It gives perfect surrogate daylight.Easy to use and to install.I didn't need the 5 meters, so it is very easy to cut the strip.
    It's to bad that you always have to use a trafo. A good trafo is expensive.You have to know something about electricity to install the strip. You need wire connectors.
    The price is ok! The product is ok.

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