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  • Works for me

    posted by GabrielB11

    Cheaper than building it myself here... Since where I live the components are not common.
    Could be cheaper, maybe?
    It is compact and exactly what I needed to have my internet router working on batteries in case of power shutdown!It even has a LED that I find useful to know if it is actually working and I didn't know it had it.Got it encased and mounted in 10 minutes. The other one I made myself took me more than a week since I had to build my own cooper coils, and a generic circuit board because nobody sells them here.
  • Nice driver for 10W (3x3) LED

    posted by dielomat

    It does what description says...using 12Volt source i measured 0,76A current with a 10W LED (3x3 type ) - thats almost exactly 9W.Driver gets warm, but ist still touchable without burning fingers after 1 hour running.
    i think in warm environment it will be better to use a cooling plate.maybe tearing off the rectifier would give lower temps and higher efficiency
    The driver is usable for 10w LED like SKU: 39957 Ill sure order some more soon.
  • Excellent product

    posted by intemann

    Well priced , good looking unit . Easy to fit into Trucks , Diggers and larger vehicles .
    Good construction , mounting can be done with a cable tie . Mounting holes too close to unit to be able to drill .
    Needs fusing on 24 volts input and 12 volts output I think that the unit should come with 10 amp fuses and holders . Cost would be more but worth doing and paying for .
  • High-performance converter

    posted by mcsarg

    Converter ideal for high performance applications on computers supply regulated voltage.Very versatile due to its low weight and very small size.Very robust components which ensures good durability expanding operation.Very easy to use simply required to regulate the voltage trimpot possessing for this purpose.
    It would be nice to tell with a fixed output voltage values ??3.3V, and 5V.Improve the subject of mounting with holes in the ends of the plates.Cold Welding poor in quality.Many delay in shipping.
    The bottom line this board can be used widely for feeding electronic equipment because it has a high yield this enables lower energy loss than with a linear voltage regulator, high current poseee is very small and also easy to install.
  • Excelent step-down transformer

    posted by psergiu

    SmallRelativelly cheapWide range of input voltagesMounting holes
    I use mine to power a Raspberry Pi, a USB hub and a 2.5" HDD from a 10V power brick.Very stable voltage:- 5.12 V with no load- 5.08 V with Hub + Raspberry Pi- 5.07 V with Hub + Raspberry Pi + HDD (5.06 V during HDD spinup)
    Excelent step-down transformer, reccomended for Raspberry Pi projects when powering from 9-24V (12V car use or repurposing older power bricks)


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