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  • Good for the price

    posted by davet76

    It's cheap and it works okay. PRetty easy to wire up - with an Arduino 5V to 5V, GND to GND and Out to a digital pin configured as input. You can connect it up without a microcontroller - basically if you have 5V and GND connected, the out pin gives 3.3V (I think) and apparently has a resisotr in series so you can connect straight to an LED - this is useful for troubleshooting
    Its not mentioned in the docs how to adjust it - if you look at the 2 adjustable bits (variable resistors I believe) they are labelled on the PCB - one is labelled Ch1 and the other labelled RL2. - Ch1 changes how long the output stays on- RL2 controls the sensitivitySensitivity isn't that great so i had it set to maximum
    Good value for money considering the price, if you need maximum reliability you may need to pay more (or maybe get two working together and either one could detect.Would recommend it for hobbyists.
  • Great sensor - easy to retro fit

    posted by StNz

    This PIR does the usual 12v NC connection thing. Very well labelled connections, and very easy to retro fit into a legacy alarm system, or to build your own.
    Can be flush or corner mounted. LED inidicator can be disabled, and is above the sensor (Previous ones were below). I pulled out 4 different ones when refurbishing my alarm - nice to have them all the same!
    Great price, and a very useful sensor. Can be daisy chained in the usual way, and connects via standard 4-wire cable.
  • Cool effect and nice and long - over 8 feet of flexible green light!

    posted by jernst67

    Good price for the light outputI ran this at 3 V, 5 V and 12 V. Obviously at the lower voltages the light is not as bright but it's really neat.It's nice and long - at over 8 feet long, there's a lot of material to work with.
    I like it and am happy with it overall.
    I think this was a good buy and have purchased several others in different colors. I like the wide voltage range I can work with and it will look cool when my project is completed.
  • Soundproof little circuitboard

    posted by Gabriel94

    Cheap,great quality,easy to apply to arduino builds,small,usefull in small compartments and overall a great piece of tech for DIY involving sound
    This sound sensor I had for intentions of connecting to my laserballproject to match incoming music to the pattern in which the lasers would blink it worked perfectly.
    Great piece of tech for those in need of a sound sensor for their DIY and worked very favourably for my project.
  • good item. working suprr

    posted by gregorraxo

    Good item four turning on lights. Good construction. Easy to use and connect. I use it four turning on a led stripe. It is real a good thing four montage in to a closet. Works up to 8 to 10m without problems. That i mean sensor sensitivity.
    Thank you
    Good item but shipping last more than one month to slovenija. Thaks.

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