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On this page, you can find a wide selection of dc power. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Browse the products from dc dc power, or some other related Pages like 24v dc power. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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dc power Customers Reviews

  • Time saver

    posted by ecotack

    They are cheap, easy to use, no need to get the soldering iron out and fiddle with the solder types that always end up shorting out when you screw the back on, or find out your wire is too thick, or you solder them and forget to slip the back on first.Good firm connection!
    They made it really easy for me to extend the power cable on a CCTV camera.
    If you have any devices that use this size of plug, then its worth having in your tool box.
  • Absolutely awesome product!

    posted by xthealanx

    This is honestly the best purchase I've made on DX. I've bought a few of these now and haven't regretted any. The build it good, they don't get stuck in the ac outlet of the car, you can charge any device that has a usb plug without having to buy individual charging devices for each one, the price is awesome, especially since the only ones I've found in stores are the ones that are part of some package priced at like $10 and up.
    They come in different colors if you look around DX. This is the least expensive but they're all still like under $2.
    I've given these out to family members and they've all really appreciated them. You really don't know how awesome they are until you have one for a while and they make great stocking stuffers since they're inexpensive, work really well, and just about everyone has a device they can charge through usb that can utilize this in a car.
  • works great

    posted by ceesario

    + unbeatable price + works great + looks great + tested by powering 700W angle grinder during cuting 16mm thick steel rods + it is capable to power my TV with DVD player + nice solid aluminium chassis + easy to install + comes withe everything needed to installation
    I am using this device on my cottage, where is no source of electricity but batteries. Until now I was limited to using only 12V powered devices.
    worth that price
  • Exceeded expectations, great for battery powered projects

    posted by chipset31

    + Very small, only about 3x5cm+ Proper mounting holes+ Excellent regulation, managed 38 volts output at 3 volts input, 100mA load+ Low ripple, only 10mA peak to peak in my testing+ High quality PCB and construction, all solder joints look good and the pcb has no defects+ Very good value for money, professionally designed module ready to use as soon as you get it.
    The potentiometer can easily be desoldered and in place you can solder in wires that lead to a panel mounted potentiometer.The backside is almost entirely ground plane, with only one small trace and the pot solder joints and the in&out solder pads. If you dissolve or sand off the soldermask on the back, leaving only the area where the potentiometer is untouched, you get a large area of exposed groundplane copper which you can attach a heatsink to.For any sensitive applications, additional filtering is required to remove the noise.
    Very good value for money, I'll be using this in a battery powered device but it could just as easily be used as a step up module to power a VFD (vacuum florescent display) or any application where you need a higher voltage.This is adjustable to output a voltage both above and below the input voltage, if you only need to get a higher voltage you can buy a boost only module or if you only need a lower voltage you can buy a buck only module, DX has both kinds.Didn't test efficiency or regulation&noise at high loads but this isn't a device to be used for high loads anyway, so that doesn't matter much.
  • super charger

    posted by FastV

    small and good fixed charger. it is easily to put it in the cigarette lighter and pull it out is also easy. It charge very good and not to slow ore to quick.
    I wish i bought it 5 years earlier and can reccomment it to everybody who wants to buy a good, quick and easy to use car charger
    good charger, and the best you can get for this money! also the shipment was very good, quick and you can follow every step of the delivery process. DX is the place where you can buy the wright items for the best price.


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