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dc power inverter Customers Reviews

  • Very practical inverter

    posted by trhenr

    1. Size is small. 2. Comes with two sets of cables, cigarette plug and battery clamps, the latter are ideal for use in e.g. a mountain cabin where the clamps are connected directly to the battery poles. 3. USB 5V is available. 4. Works noiseless and stable, the fan does not start on small currents - e.g. when using it only for charging a cell phone. 5. It is much more robust than the smaller inverters (e.g. 150W of the same type) and seems to have circuit protection (separate fault led).
    This item is perfect for a solar panel powered mountain cabin w/12V batteries. During daytime solar energy is usually wasted since the batteries stay fully charged and lights are switched off, but through this inverter the energy can be used for charging small devices.
    I'm very happy with this product which offers great value for money.
  • Perfect for Power on the Road!

    posted by mnov5534

    * Charges laptops, camera battery and other small electronic devices.* Idea for when working away from the office, keep your laptop fully charged at all times.* Small and light weight, easily carried* Separate USB port to charge your phone also, so you don't need a separate phone charger!!
    I tried it with charging 2 laptops and a camera battery at the same time, all charged quickly and effectively with no problems!
    Excellent inverter for when you're away from an AC wall socket and need to keep devices charged.
  • Bom produto. Good Product.

    posted by lsbastos

    Este inversor atende bem a solicitação de pequenas cargas. Já consegui ligar várias lâmpadas fluorescentes da minha casa, e até ventiladores e TV com este inversor.This inverter serves well the request of small loads. I managed to connect multiple fluorescent lamps in my house, and even fans and TV with this drive.
    Vem com uma proteção interna de sobrecarga que desabilita o inversor para proteger contra defeito.Comes with a built-in overload protection that disables the drive to protect against default.
    Funciona bem com uma bateria de carro de 12V. Bom para quem precisa alimentar pequenas cargas em 127/110V.Works well with a car battery of 12V. Good for those who need to feed small loads in 127/110V.
  • I like this Senpower !

    posted by bobbykoh

    This is one product that I'm happy I got one!
    The good stuff :
    - It works ! I hook it up with a 600W light and it works off my car battery like a charm.
    - It's easy to use. I've never had another inverter, but it easy to start.
    - Built quality is good. All the required cable are included.
    - Now that I use it, I'm glad there is a fan on it!
    - Low voltage warning works.
    I think it's a pretty good and neat device. DX should bring in the 2000W model too.
    It's worth the money spent. Get one if you have a use for it.
  • Works well

    posted by Geoffm

    300W is enough to tun the laptop and charge it up. We have used it in the campervan for almost a year,and it works well. It has been used on the laptop, battery charger, phone charger and all have worked ok.
    Has a USB output for MP3 players, etc jack which i haven't used.
    Good value and would recommend it


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