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  • Nice small meter

    posted by GBDealX

    Small overall size with bright, clear 3 digit display.Includes connectors and short leads along with a built in shunt.
    This same unit is available from other mainland suppliers at lower prices.
    It works and provides an inexpensive approximation of current which is good enough for many applications. It will not replace a good multi-meter.
  • Exceeded expectations, great for battery powered projects

    posted by chipset31

    + Very small, only about 3x5cm+ Proper mounting holes+ Excellent regulation, managed 38 volts output at 3 volts input, 100mA load+ Low ripple, only 10mA peak to peak in my testing+ High quality PCB and construction, all solder joints look good and the pcb has no defects+ Very good value for money, professionally designed module ready to use as soon as you get it.
    The potentiometer can easily be desoldered and in place you can solder in wires that lead to a panel mounted potentiometer.The backside is almost entirely ground plane, with only one small trace and the pot solder joints and the in&out solder pads. If you dissolve or sand off the soldermask on the back, leaving only the area where the potentiometer is untouched, you get a large area of exposed groundplane copper which you can attach a heatsink to.For any sensitive applications, additional filtering is required to remove the noise.
    Very good value for money, I'll be using this in a battery powered device but it could just as easily be used as a step up module to power a VFD (vacuum florescent display) or any application where you need a higher voltage.This is adjustable to output a voltage both above and below the input voltage, if you only need to get a higher voltage you can buy a boost only module or if you only need a lower voltage you can buy a buck only module, DX has both kinds.Didn't test efficiency or regulation&noise at high loads but this isn't a device to be used for high loads anyway, so that doesn't matter much.
  • Cool, Cheap & Illegal

    posted by Towelie_NLD

    + Bright lights+ Really cheap for what you get+ Two modus for flashing the lights: RED RED RED / BLUE BLUE BLUE (etc.) & RED / BLUE (etc.). See forum for installation instructions)
    Please pay attention to your local law: the probably won't like it if you pretend to be a policecar (on the public road) ;)In the Netherlands you can probably get multiple fines for this:- Having blue light on your vehicle.- Pretending to be from the police (even though in the Netherlands they work with blue/blue instead of blue/red).
    Great product, havent found it cheaper elsewhere. They should be available in more light combinations although.
  • GREAT, and accurate

    posted by Flea50

    Very well made, looks really cool attached on my coil gun to measure the capacitor bank voltage. Bought it basically because it looks cool :DI measured it's accuracy with my multimeter and it is very accurate and you can put more than 500V through it and it still works fine (I had 700V running through it at one point ;D)
    great voltage meter
    Accurate, well made, easy to mount, can over voltage it and it will be fine, looks cool
  • Worked Great As a Replacement Trunk Light

    posted by PGT96

    These emit a very bright, cool white light that can be easily aimed by rotating the festoon bulb base in its holder. With a single LED emitter, all the light comes out in a single direction, great for applications where you need directional lighting (such as a trunk or cargo area).
    If you want to convert your trunk/hatch area light from a weak incandescent bulb to a bright white floodlight, then buy this.


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