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dc mini usb Customers Reviews

  • A great product, but with poor build quality

    posted by Diviner

    - This charger fits american and european sockets, firmly.- The two connectors it has, make it a top pick, for someone who has more than one device in the car, you don't need to have two different chargers in the car.- The cord is long, but not too long, and is not string shaped (a good thing for me).- This charger works with motorola devices, experienced users know that it is not always the case (some times motorola devices, decide that they don't like certain chargers).
    It could be nice to have a two color LED indicating that the charging was finished.I haven't tested connecting two devices at the same time, and judging by the build quality, wouldn't recommend doing this.
    If it works, this is a must have.
  • Impressive sound and quality!

    posted by droidstufff

    Very good sound for such a small speaker!
    Great build quality, nice rubber outside.
    Hard metal mesh that holds for accidents.
    Looks nice.
    Sounds all directions!
    Fits in pocket without a problem, would be nice with pictures that would describe the size better. Fits in palm of closed hand.
    Great if you have a crappy speaker on your phone, perfect for the beach! Very good sound for such a small device and i would highly recommend it for anyone who needs a small external speaker.
  • Not designed for cigarette lighters sold in indian cars

    posted by shrinathrao

    For The price its good and durable, supports usb to different mobile connection chargers without a fuss and is tough made and built to last when it comes to quality
    A nice playful and easy to use device and is value for money
    buy a pair or more if you wanna use it in different cars also would be great if it had different colors.
  • Really cheap but with contacting issues

    posted by b3niup

    They're much cheaper then in my local shops and they're working sufficiently.
    The price is awesome but there're some issues with their connecting with usb cables.I'll still use them for projects with not constant usb usage, but they're not the best choice for usb-based projects.
  • Cheap and weak

    posted by matheusjardimb

    It is cheaper than another devices and it's useful for probably any device you have.
    I would recommend you to pay a few more cents to get a stronger device than this one. It arrived unmounted an I needed to mount it again and put some glue to maintain it together.
    Pay attention to output energy: take a look in to your device's input energy before buy one charger.


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