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dc gear Customers Reviews

  • VERY powerful

    posted by nachprod

    Compact gear motor with lots of torque. I didn't actually expect them to be this powerful: without a lever I couldn't stop the shaft despite all my efforts :)Quite small, have threaded holes in the front (I suppose for installing them). Thread is M3.
    There is grease in gearbox. That's good. But don't put the motor together with your favorite picture or on the heap of money for a long time.
    Very powerful, very useful thing for RC, household/lab automation, just for driving anything you need to drive...
  • Cute little liquid pump

    posted by Backmann1

    Nice little pump. Very easy and fun to play with. I have just tested it with the supplyed tube and it workes great. Pumps a 1/2 liter water in 38 seconds at 7,2vDC :-)
    For motor data see:www.robotstorehk.com/motors/doc/rs_360sh.pdf
    This pump will do great for my water cannon on my R/C car ;-) after a little googleing I found that the motor is rated 3-9vDC so powering it from the car battery will be no problem. By the way the car is controlled using an Arduino Uno + Bluetooth module (SKU: 104299) and my android phone :-D
  • Great little pump

    posted by Rockdrum

    Cheap, good build quality, very powerful for the size. Barato, buena calidad de construcción, potente para el tamaño.
    Perfect for micro water irrigation systems (small plants). Perfecto para micro sistemas de riego para plantas pequeñas.
    If you need a low voltage water pump for solar systems, this is for you. Si necesitas una bomba de agua de bajo voltaje esta es para ti.It's better than I thought, powerful, maybe useful to low cost watercooling systems.
  • Great quality

    posted by mctee4

    This product beat all my expectations with torque enough and power consumption for my device. When it is supplied with 12-12.4 Vdc a person cannot stop to turn the engine from the output tube.
    Not easy to assemble in a surface because the holes to screw the engine to a surface are close to the engine (specially the left bottom) but with the other 3 holes are enough.
    Since I have it (two months ago) it works ok an the gear wheels look ok after several hours working under punctual high torques.
  • Very high quality and high torque motor

    posted by algspd

    Very high torque geared motor. I am using it to move a curtain up and down. It's about 4kg and the motor is able to move it without effort.The shaft after gearing is in the same position than the shaft of the motor, so it's easy to fit.
    Take care while soldering copper terminals, you could break them or burn the brushes, dont put the solder on them for a long time.
    A very good quality geared motor :)

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