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You'll find the best dc dc power for you here. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. Customers can also browse dc car power adapter or power supply dc module to find their desired products. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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dc dc power Customers Reviews

  • Good choice

    posted by rvilares

    The product has a good structure. Good price. Good product. Produces a good fog. It has two functions, first produces a continous fog and the second produces a little fog for a while and stop in a cycle. The car holder is also very good.
    A very good product for offices and cars. Ideal for dry places, after a short time of use note the difference in the environment.
    It is a good choice for those looking for such a product. Very easy to use and assemble. Produces a good mist with two levels. The charger is USB and comes with a car charger.
  • Works fine

    posted by k_t_t

    Very cheap, small sized. European power plug can be plugged directly to device. Does not have ventilator, thus it does not generate additional noise.
    I'm using inverter with my laptop (currently Lenovo T60) to use the computer in car. Earlier I have tried another cheap inverter, with that the laptop's power adaptor did not recognice electricity. With this device, laptop works fine.
    I haven't seen as cheap inverter in this power class. I am happy to recommend this.
  • Useful, and gets the work done.

    posted by essme3

    Bright LCD voltimeter, easy to use and trim, the connectors are welcome as they don`t need soldering, stable output voltage and if you keep in normal imput values 15-18 volts ,1 ampere it won't overheat, I used it to power an EEE PC for hours converting 18v to 10v and worked OK.
    I removed the trimmer and put a 4 k potentiometer to easily change voltage without a screwdriver, works OK.the voltimeter works even if you enter power from the output connection so is ideal to attach it to a battery, you can see the charging input voltage and then monitor the battery voltage when discharging, sometimes I use it only to monitor voltages.
    Don't overheat it, stick to 1 amp, with 2 amp peaks and all will be ok.
  • Handy, Well made little connector

    posted by AussieSoco01

    No soldering, well made connector, no sharp edges, good grip areas without being too big.
    This is a neat, little female jack which allows very simple hook-up, without any solder or tools - other than a small screwdriver! Can buy the matching male connector to easily allow joining of small guage wires.
    Plugs are well made and finished plastic to add a professional touch to your projects
    Buy these if you need to replace 2.1mm female plug, or want to join wires(will need the matching male plug)
  • Really Universal adapter

    posted by sp0ok

    Good build quality. Good price. The adapter has a metal casing, which is good heat dissipation during charging. Wide range of operating voltage at the output. It is possible to charge from a 220 V and 12 V, the kit includes a car adapter. Adapter have a connector usb with +5 V for charging mobile devices. Includes 8 adapters for different laptops.Successfully charging my HP Mini 110-3700er. Laptops HP Compaq 6730b & HP Compaq 6710b charging no problem with 7.4 x 5.0 adapter.
    An indispensable thing for travel. I recommend for purchase.

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