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dc-dc module Customers Reviews

  • Good DC-DC converter for LED lightning fixtures

    posted by H3PO4

    + relatively small footprint
    + acurate output voltage (4 pieces I have bought do vary only +/- 2%
    + exactly what I needed (power source for LED lights/ home made strips)
    + the ENable pin can be used to switch this via e.g. ttouch switch or low voltage (in my case I can use 5V to turn it on/off, so even if somebody decided to use the fixture with wet hands, the switch is only connected to 5V, so no big deal)
    + low idle consumption and no hat issues - so you can let it turned on as long as you wish.
    Be careful not to order version with voltage that differs from your needs.
    Perhaps one with easily adjustable output voltage in a small range (like +/- 0.25V) would be a nice touch...
    I have bought this to drive several (50+) LEDs in paralel and it does the job.
  • Great product

    posted by Pquang

    The module is inexpensive, but is very well built. It is super useful. I used it to build an iDevice charger by using a Nikon EN-EL3e 7.4V battery, and by adding 2 voltage dividers for the data lines. I was also able to use it to step down the voltage from car battery to power Raspberry Pi, a USB hub, and several other USB devices.
    When I adjust the pot to exact 5.0V for powering Raspberry Pi in the car, the voltage is very stable. But when I start adding other USB devices like a WiFi dongle and USB receiver, the voltage can drop to 4.8V (still not crashing RPi yet), but I was able to adjust the pot to bring it back up to 5.0V easily
    The product is great and super useful. I decided to skip the 7805 altogether because of the heat and inefficiency. I was very happy with the decision because this module can handle more current with no heat issue, plus I can reuse the module over and over for other projects with different voltages.
  • Needs more current than anticipated

    posted by Frijs

    It does a great job of adjusting the input to any desired output voltage.Fine design, so it could be build into any project.Good build quality
    There is no description of the requirements, like input current / voltage. Perhaps I would not have bought this solution otherwise.I think this device can do a great job when provided with a steady power supply.
    Not a great solution for solar power conversion.A great solution to build an adjustable power supply.
  • Handy Boost/Up Converter

    posted by Ketturi

    Does good job for rising 1-5V battery voltage to regulated 5V. Output voltage stable 5.18V with low ripple and noise. Small and fits easily in smaller project cases.
    Apparently does not mind if external 5V is fed to output. Low idle current, <200µA, so good for low energy projects.
    Good boost/up converter for DIY products that use batteries or solar cells etc. Can be used e.g. for arduino projects or mobile chargers, ultra small RC vehicles, wirelesses etc.
  • Wide range powerregulator.

    posted by lasermanathome

    Rather small powerregulator for the high current and very usable in his reach, the VC AND CC helps to get the best out of high power leds and laserdiodes (!) (use of a antiparalleldiode is strongly advised)Althougt 5A is often an overkill for LD and LED this pc will work in its comfortzone and live as long as leds or even longer, when it can run cool
    It must be possible to use a ptc/ntc to protect the temperature of the led/LD when matched with the CC pot, have not calculated the right value but it can be done.So can it be used for TEC (peltier) but watch out, TEC elements often take morec than 5 amps/12V and below the right current the efficiency drops dramatically
    This unit has really many possible kind of uses, creative minds will recognize this.


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