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dc dc module Customers Reviews

  • Very good device

    posted by bitsnapper

    The converter is very easy to use after having understoof the dip switches. It offers good efficiency and doesn't get very hot at loads of about 1.5 amps.
    If you are familiar with voltage converters, it should be no problem to use it. Just connect a voltage meter to the output and see what happens if you use the dip switches to adjust the output.
    Very useful and reliable for any purpose. I used it for supplying a reduced voltage of 8 V to the red part of a RGB LED chip in combination wit a self made RGBW controller. Works better than a resistor for current control.
  • Works, but not with phones

    posted by bbotezatu

    Inexpensive wireless power transmitter, got here on time and for free. Very stable output at a decent range (almost 13 centimeters).
    Can't be disappointed in it, it's so cheap there is no trouble if it does not work with your phone.
    Inexpensive wireless charging alternative, but does not work on phones that require QI. Other than that, I'm not sure what one can use it for.
  • Good Li-Ion to USB Charger board

    posted by relic38

    - Very low idle current (measured at 7uA). It can be left on a battery; no need to include a switch- Charge LED is only on when charging- Wide input voltage, even provides some charge below 2V input.- Stays cool enough to put in an enclosure without worrying about overheating.
    I used this to build a mobile power battery charger using a 3.5" HDD case and a single 22Ah LiFePO4 cell. Check my uploaded picture. This beast will charge my phone 7-8 times before needing a recharge.
    If you are looking for a low idle current USB charger board with a charge active LED, this is a good option. if you don't care if the LED is on always, SKU 143571 provides virtually the same current (check my review there) with a lower price.
  • 5-Digit LED Precision Meter & Display Combo

    posted by RAndris

    Ready to go meter. This tiny meter is awesome, red LED display is highly visible, response time is fast. Good measurement averaging and average pulse immunity. No separate power supply needed if measuring voltages > 3.5V and source allow to supply from it.
    I am using this meter to check and monitor power supplies instead of carrying multimeter around.
    Compared full range voltage readings with 5-Digit multimeter - precision is perfect for price.
  • Works perfect !

    posted by Thioden

    This usart has a genuine FTDI chip on board. this means there are drivers available for most operating systems. It works flawless on Win 7 and OSX Mountain Lion. Comes with short jumper wires to easily connect to other boards.
    A storage box of some sort would have been nice, but for this price you really can't complain.PCB seems to be of decent quality and well produced.
    Will definitely buy another one and recommend this to others. Great product for a great price.


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