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dc dc module

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dc dc module Customers Reviews

  • Great and fully working even for such a cheap price

    posted by zipacz

    Already have this for around a year mounted in a homemade custom voltage source and still works fine even when sometimes overvoltage is applied.
    Great for DIY projects where a voltage control is crucial.
    Great price, good product, reliable quality
  • Great for the price

    posted by NOD127

    Does the job and it's clearly marked with whats + and whats - on the input side.Additionally it's actually providing a stable 5volt output that's within the error margin allowed by USB devices
    Since it can deliver 4 Ampere for a short time (and thus probably around 3 Ampere over a longer period) it would make sense to give it two stacked female USB A ports.
    Worth the price and does the job, though it could use some better documentation and a few bits of components (like polyfuses) for added electronic protection.
  • A lot of light!

    posted by eUGENGUS

    Big base platePowerful LEDsEasy to installBlindening light! (be careful)Nice, strong enough, packageDelivered right on time.
    I used it to light my fish tank (150 liters). Glue it to a videocard cooling system. Now its temp usually lower than 40-45 celsium.The light emmitance so high, i never light on my room light, cause reflection from fish tank is just enough.
    cute little pack of big lot of light. I recommend! ;)
  • great value for that price!

    posted by thierrius

    - 10 (TEN!!) lasers for an incredible low price, I feel like a thief ;)- all lasers seem focused by hand and glued in place ( I think it would be possible to re-focus them if you really want to, although I don't recommend it.)- great for Arduino or DYI project.
    The more I think about it, the more I wonder how on earth they were able to produce them AND sell 'm with some profit for such a low price. I just LOVE DealExtreme!
    Superproduct, get 'm while you still can!!
  • It's nice to have it!

    posted by CrypterMKD

    It's well built, nice soldering job, no short circuits. I tried to build it first, but this one is far better than the one I built. I use it to run 12V cooler in a cooling pad on the 5V ports on my laptop. I'll order a few more for my other projects. It even has one small red LED to indicate when there is power on input and if the voltage is too low the LED won't work. That makes it easier to operate!
    It's cheap and not worth building the simple circuit. I really like it :)
    It's the cheapest one you can find online.

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