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  • Good DC-DC converter for LED lightning fixtures

    posted by H3PO4

    + relatively small footprint
    + acurate output voltage (4 pieces I have bought do vary only +/- 2%
    + exactly what I needed (power source for LED lights/ home made strips)
    + the ENable pin can be used to switch this via e.g. ttouch switch or low voltage (in my case I can use 5V to turn it on/off, so even if somebody decided to use the fixture with wet hands, the switch is only connected to 5V, so no big deal)
    + low idle consumption and no hat issues - so you can let it turned on as long as you wish.
    Be careful not to order version with voltage that differs from your needs.
    Perhaps one with easily adjustable output voltage in a small range (like +/- 0.25V) would be a nice touch...
    I have bought this to drive several (50+) LEDs in paralel and it does the job.
  • OK, but not for solar panel

    posted by Alexketto

    Excuse me, for my english.Good construction. No other parts needed. Fully adjustable output voltage within the specified value.
    If you would solve the use of solar panels, it would be a very nice gadget.
    Good, goog, but the Solar Power Supply?
  • Handy Boost/Up Converter

    posted by Ketturi

    Does good job for rising 1-5V battery voltage to regulated 5V. Output voltage stable 5.18V with low ripple and noise. Small and fits easily in smaller project cases.
    Apparently does not mind if external 5V is fed to output. Low idle current, <200µA, so good for low energy projects.
    Good boost/up converter for DIY products that use batteries or solar cells etc. Can be used e.g. for arduino projects or mobile chargers, ultra small RC vehicles, wirelesses etc.
  • Very useful as a power supply.

    posted by walterwitt

    Extremely useful buck module. Output is within 0.02V and 0.002A of set values tested with an EXTECH multi-meter. It's extremely easy to use once you know how to use it. You can set the Voltage/Current limits and measure the output Volts, Amps, Watts, and Amp hours. You can turn off the output while it's still powered on. You can set the default output parameters and save 10 sets of parameters.
    First:This module has a hidden menu which allows you to enable and disable certain features. Access it by holding OK when you power it on. Keep holding OK and it will scroll through the numbers 0-2. These numbers represent different features to enable / disable.-0 is whether it starts with the output on or not.-1 enables saving and loading output parameters as well as enables Watt and Amp-hour measurement.-2 is whether it starts with the output parameters auto scrolling.To enable or disable these features, release OK when the number is displayed and then it will show a Y if it's now enabled on N if it's now disabled.Second:When you apply power to the module it will ether start with the output on or off (shown by the red LED). If the output is on, you can scroll through the current Volts, Amps, Watts, and AH by pressing OK. Volts display with the decimal in the middle, Amps with the decimal on the left, Watts with a P at the start and AH with a C...
    ...Hold OK for 3 seconds to make the perimeters auto-scroll. You can change the output volt and amp limit with the UP and DOWN buttons when the parameter is displayed. If you push SET when the output is on, it will turn off and you will enter set mode. In set mode you can scroll through the set volts, and amps and the load (LO-#) and save (SA-#) menus by pressing SET. To change the default perimeters go to the one you want to change and use the UP/DOWN buttons to change it and then press SET to set it as the default value it (should display ----). to save the output parameters, go to the Save menu and use UP/DOWN to select where to save it(0 is default) and press OK to save it there. To load parameters, go to the Load menu and use UP/DOWN to select where to load from. press OK in set mode to turn on the output with set values.It's a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy. Ether way, it's very useful and I highly recommend it.
  • Update 4 amps possible at room temp

    posted by keven91

    I looked up the spec of the diode, and it's rated to 125C, so I cranked up the current to 4 amps at 5V output (15V input) and the diode temp is fairly stable at 119C.Regulator is at 100C at 4 amps with no extra heat sink, so this is probably pushing the limits for everyday operation. I'd probably cool it with a fan, or put some additional heat sinking on the regulator and diode (with some soldered on copper area).So 4 amps is possible at room temp!
    Great little unit. I wasn't expecting this much output. Holding steady at ~83% efficiency at 4 amps.
    Lots of output for a small price.


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