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dc dc diy Customers Reviews

  • Very bright LED

    posted by Kizontije

    Still experimenting with it, trying to find best way for implementation. Very bright, can be used for study desk for learning and reading.
    I tested it with vaious types of powers, from 12V to 14V, it seems that all values of power leads to same degree of heating.
    I will be back when I finish testing and implement it finaly.
  • Element Peltye

    posted by DSanyek

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  • Good for DIY

    posted by Agent0013

    Good air flow, works silently, easy to mount, good quality materials, small 2 pin connector, like used in low-end videocards and computer power supplies.
    If had speed monitoring wire, ball bearing (here sleeve bearing is used) and a bit better air flow, would be nice. But still good fan for that price. In our country such will cost as twice as on dealextreme.
    Buy it, if you don‘t have a lot of space, and need a good cooling.With a voltage controller for controlling RPM, it is perfect solution for slim PC or other equipment.
  • Gives an awsome ammout of light

    posted by sworteu

    Gives alot of light, can be used to embed into any project. Can be used with an arduino and a NPN transistor (i used a P2N2222A) to dim the led using PWM or use a standard digital pin to make it work as a on/off switch.
    Would fit in any category of microcontrollers, home decoration, lighting and electronics. Needs to be soldered and can be a little bit warm i've heard (not had it myself).
    A product that is useful to buy, does wat it says.Lacks a little information, but works very well.
  • Excelent product

    posted by silveraignacio

    Its so beautiful, the over case y really nice and the switch is so brilliant. The led in the top is so good, and also brilliant. It's very easy to connect.
    A really nice product and cheap! Very useful in many types of works. I will use it in my computer and it is very good.
    Very recommended. Instead of the cons, is a great product to the car, of in my case, to tune up my computer case.

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