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dc dc digit Customers Reviews

  • Works great, but no decimal readings.

    posted by KFandroid

    Works great and easy to mount into panels etc. Easy to read characters and they do not light up to much. Perfect to use in boats or other places because it does not affect your nigh vision.
    Could have decimal readings.
    Perfect for panel mount in applications where you don't need much accuracy, but only to see if the temparature is rising/falling quick.
  • Time counter

    posted by kaijuu

    Nice, big and bright LED-display. Counts seconds, minutes or hours (choice is made through a jumper on the back). You can choose whether the unit zeroes itself or not with another jumper.
    The connection is as follows: short V and A; the count begins. If you don't set it to auto zero, the value will stay on display until you short D and GND or if you power it down and up again.Datasheet can be found by Googleing for um5140tu-a1
    Nice module and if you want to keep track of how long something's been up while it has power, this is a unit to go for. Does not retain its data after power down.
  • Nice metee

    posted by andreshans

    Nice accurate volt meter, this item make me very happy since its a really nice add on to my homemade power supply for my ham radio.I just added it make the cable connection and started working without issues, tested and really accurate for the price.
    would be nice to have it on others colors, but not big deal.next time i would like to find a dual one, like volt-meter and amp-meter so you can read both data with just one quick look.
    Nice packaged, arrived fast and safe.will definitely buy more.
  • Nice small voltmeter

    posted by GBDealX

    Small overall with bright clear display.Simple hookup with third wire allowing for monitoring voltage independent of meter power supply.
    Should come with some connection information although the connections for this unit are more intuitive than for the matching ammeter.Caution when connecting to measure voltage other than the meter power supply: the measured voltage source must either be complete isolated from the meter power supply OR share a common ground.
    Good display for permanent installation. Will not replace your multi-meter,
  • I'm satisfied

    posted by gatoline

    It is cool, small, It looks nice, very accurate, Cheap, etc.
    very cheap, there is welding points for connetors probably for ather models but i don't know information like schematics, etc.
    to sum up, i'm very happy with the device. current meter and volt meter in a built in device. I hope to buy several like this.


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