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  • Step Up Boost Module

    posted by TargetDown22

    Very nice product you can adjust the output easily.If you want this for solar panel its a great Step upExample i got a 5v solar panel and i put in output 12v and i can turn a fan at the max speed ect.I recommend this product.
    easy to make contact just put a thread inside the In+ and In- and same for Out and work.
    Love this product.LM2577 DC 3.5~18V to DC 4.0~24V Voltage Step Up Boost Module - Red - Model: LM2577- Color: Red- Material: PCB + Plastic + Copper- Input voltage: 3.5~18V- Output voltage: 4.0~24V- Input current: 3A (max)- Input continuous working current: 2A- Great for electronic products or DIY
  • Very good converter!

    posted by elenicskyers

    - Easy to plugin on cell and starts running- Nice to use in addition with sku 205188 as a Rechargeable USB Charger- Onboard led that notifies when its running- Nice voltage stability at around 5.1V- Can be modded to high current charger
    You can mod it to be a high current charger for cellphones. I'm not sure how it will work with real high loads, but it works good with about 700mA of high current charging spec.
    Maybe if it some version comes with a power button to turn it on it was better. But it works good. You can mod it to high current mode just shorting the two middle pins at USB port, this will tell the usb device that is a charger.
  • Useful step up, but not step down

    posted by HouseofStrauss

    WEll constructed with no signs of shipment damage. Came in EMF protected sleeve. Good fine grain control of voltage adjustment allowing .1V with good accuracy. 12.2V input gave a maximum of 37.8V output at maximum adj. 10.8V output at minimum adjustment (that's the brass screw on the blue box) Not carried out current load test yet. Probably very useful for boosting LED/ charge circuits requiring more than 12V
    Somewhat surprised this did not give lower voltage than 10.8 on minimum output (12.2V in) However I wanted a boost V output so this module was perfect
    As boost output this board is excellent. Good fine grain voltage control for V-out setting. Slightly too expensive compared with the other board http://www.dx.com/p/mini-dc-dc-voltage-stabilizer-regulator-module-red-126106 which is NOT a boost voltage, but reduces well to 1.V
  • Good little invertor

    posted by skinnybloke

    Im using this small invertor to power 50w + 50 watt amp boreds, it dilivers all the current the amp needs, very efficiant on the power supply, great way to run powerful amps of battries :)
    Used several on various projects, such a hand device to have around, just wish they would make a bi-polar version #:)
    Ive even used it for the 100+100 watt sure amplifier bored, is fine for 8 ohms but just a little under current for 4 ohms :)
  • Good to power portable devices

    posted by samkosamko

    Very good dc-dc step-up converter. I use it for powering my smartphone when use hiking navigating software. I bought a 18650 battery holder case to power this module.It is possible to power module from any battery, but then input current will be higher.Usefull as a DIY emergency battery for USB powered devices.
    Usefull as a DIY module, need to find some small box to build in.
    Module is quite well designed, has a small thermal dissipation.


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