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dc car power adapter

You'll find the best dc car power adapter for you here. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Try browsing car power adapter ac dc, car adapter plug power. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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dc car power adapter Customers Reviews

  • Usefull adapter

    posted by madmax1981

    It is not good only because of the price, but because it really works well! It is cheap, the material is good and (at least) have been working perfectly! It is small so you can carry everywhere. Maybe the apperance does not matter that much, but as long as possible, it looks nice! If your mobile phone (etc) can charge via a USB cable, just plug this into your car and plug you phone USB cable into the socket at the back and you can charge as you drive.Any smaller and it would be hard to remove from the power socket, any bigger and it would be in the way. Bright red led shows you when it is getting power.
    Easy and simple to use.
  • good product

    posted by Turbotwister

    Looks very good and fits well in the socket of the car (Better than other I had before) and in the Galaxy. Loading power is enough and temperature stays in the limit. Extra USB connection. Red led light indicator to check the voltage. Kabel is long enough to reach your tablet.
    The extra USB charger is very useful to load a second unit like a telephone. Power will shared between the two loading objects.
    Very nice product. Works fine in the car and you can charge while navigating.
  • Cheap, low-quality usb charger

    posted by nandoguedes

    Cheap usb charger. great to have in your car. It works great with any USB-charged device, like my cellphone.
    I bought another one and have this for emergencies only, because it really works but looks cheap and looks like it will dismantle if I use too much =/
    You get what you pay for... I bought another one just a little more expensive and it's really more good-looking one.
  • Good and usefull Product

    posted by 60267

    Good product, has a low price. it is extremely easy to use, there is a LED indicator to know if it is well connected to power supply. There are two USB outputs where you can connect your mobile phone and GPS device together.
    I liked the product and recommend it.
    This product is so usefull when you are in a traffic jam and you need to charge your mobile phone and your GPS device simultaneously. I liked the product and recommend it.
  • Great Adapter

    posted by jibbbyy

    This product was a great buy. I seriously recommend. 2 USB slots and a bright blue light letting you know its plugged in. Great price, small and compact, probably good quality.
    Buy this. A lot of great reviews means this thing is definitely worth. I have owned mine for only a short time but it was already worth.
    Buy it. Very helpful. I gave it 5 stars in every area so would you.

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