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dc 12v controller Customers Reviews

  • Very Good

    posted by BXBPI

    Very good, excelent for what is intended. Product meets exactly what the ad says. Good product quality in relation to price.
    Very good, excelent for what is intended. Product meets exactly what the ad says. Good product quality in relation to price.
    Very good, excelent for what is intended. Product meets exactly what the ad says. Good product quality in relation to price.

    posted by ravikumarcareer

    Excellent & Awesome replacement for CAR UNDER-BODY NEON TUBES, excellent PVC material all secured LED's superb colorful lights, very bright as well. Good light patterns. All card decorators need to have this product in their car. you don't have to watch your lights all the time when you ride your car in bumpy roads. very secured one when compare to NEON tubes. Overall good idea and good replacement for neon tubes with same brightness. Multiple colors as well. ALL EYES ON MY CAR, no one has this product in my AREA.
    I would be 100% satisfied If I would have got this product in a good condition. apart from that, this is excellent replacement for neon tubes. I can choose 3 stable colors ( Red, Green, Blue). In pattern mode I get multiple lights(Red, Green, Blue, Aqua, Purple, White, orange) Looks very cool.
    Excellent replacement for neon tubes.. Everyone should get this one ...
  • Kostyarik

    posted by Kostyarik

    Sharp image, good attachment to the standard mirror. Access instructions to install and connect to the camera. Good length of wires. Good packaging. Monitor in the mirror is very large, which I was not expecting. Serviceability checked the mirror at home, I connect to the power supply of 12 volts. Easy and intuitive menus, understand even a child.
    The remote control can be done better.
    Very useful, not to attract attention in the car. Good saves interior space without cluttering the windshield. Recommend buying. The quality is much higher prices.
  • Worth it

    posted by Hellyus

    Working as promised, I have glued one under the table in my van, for controlling the led strips under the seats and table. Really cheapReally easy, the insolation on the wires are already cutted, so you just have to drag it of, and they are stripped!
    There should have been an off button, and the buttons should have been "softer"
    Totally worth it, really cheap, easy to set up, and works as promised 8/10 stars!
  • Much light in every color desired.

    posted by lasermanathome

    This briht ledlight is very usefull in artdesign and all kinds of situations
    where the color and intensity must be
    completely controllable.
    More strips can be mounted after each other, the driver does not give troubles.
    When using more than 2 strips per driver, the small powertransistors need some cooling.
    Because the system is PWM controlled ,the efficiency is superb.
    The Philips multicolor light wich costs about 250 USD does give a small part of the light , wich can be produced by this ribbon , wich costs about 1/10 of the price.
    Owners of aquariums can cut the ribbons in smaller peaces and mount them in another configuration.
    I have done so and the light is very attractive, uses also less power than fluorescent tubes.
    For inventors and designers a lot of possibilities for low costs.
    Even when you want to desolder the RGB leds and make a PCB with them is cheap.
    The leds have outstanding uniformity in
    color, the driver alone can be used for
    many projects,
    the stable and reliable electronics can be used with other ledsystems, like CREE.
    Only your imagination limits the possibilities of this product.

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