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data cable ipad 3m

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data cable ipad 3m Customers Reviews

  • Nice length Cable, But won't Charge

    posted by TGP99

    300cm or 9' 8in cable the length is great, build is good the cable is stiffer compared to the Apple's lighting cable and the lighting end is a little long then Apple's cable but overall not a bad build. Price is good compared to Apple's.
    Running an iPhone 5 with 6.0.2 IOS not sure if an older IOS version would work or not.
    I could of lived with it charging but not syncing because I needed it to work nightstand setup and Apple's crappy little 3 foot cable just doesn't work. The only alternative is to use an usb extender cable and then Apple's cable to get the distance I need.Bottomline is to pass on this one. DX needs to pull this one from stock as I don't think anyone really needs a 300cm cable to sync a device.
  • AWSOME! works great and is super long

    posted by Bamza

    Very long cord great for in the car or if your wall outlet is far away. good quality materials. flat cord is resistant to tangling which is a huge plus because of its long length it would get tanlgled a lot more if it wasnt a flat cord. Atually charges the iphone 5 unlike some other aftermarket cords
    great buy for anyone who wants a longer charge cable.
    Totally recommend any iphone 5 user to get one of these even if you dont think you need it. you never know when you will need a long cord to reach a wall outlet so that you can charge and still use your phone.
  • Nice robust cable!

    posted by ricky7uio

    Nice built qualityCable is pretty robust.Is perfect to use it around your house or office!
    Its almost a perfect couple to your iPhone or ipad. Just take in mid the connection con that is above.
    Now im looking for a solution, maybe ill grab a new compatible cover for my products. This is by far the best non apple cable ive seen out there. Give it a chance.
  • Great for those in need of a long cable

    posted by phrqq

    Good built quality and great style. I could charge my iPad or wifey's iPhone as if I was using the stock cable. She really loved the red color.
    My wife wanted a long cable to charge her iPhone. I decided to try this one and found that it charges it fast. She loved the red color, it matches her iPhone case and other stuff she has on her bedside table.
    If you want a really long cable to your iPohne or iPad, there is no miss with this one.
  • Good cable

    posted by Nakinha

    The size is really good for people who wants to use the iphone far from the jack, mostly when your are going to sleep.The black color is better than the white, because it does't gets really dirty.And it seems like the material used on this cable is different from the one that's used on the white cable.
    Although it takes a little while to charge the iphone, it's a valid acquisition for the apple gadget.
    Buy the black one.

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