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dab fm Customers Reviews

  • Good product nice price

    posted by Willyhun

    Very cheap product with great services. Support DVB-T/T2 DVB-C and SDR.
    Maybe useful some documentation for users,. I use this device under Linux. Current media tree (kernel 3.14) supports DVB-T receiver only, and SDR functionality. Some hours of compile and configure i can provide a nice addon to our family HTPC (XBMC). Now Live TV application added to service. Can use Live TV timeshift and record video from epg. Used applications: XBMC 12 and tvheadend.
    I only use DVB-T only at now. DVB-C and T2 not tested
  • cheap RTL2832U chip

    posted by RoboW

    - perfect for SDR, driver for dvb-t is installed automatically under ubuntu, for sdr usage is the driver easy to install- perfect for diy projects, case is easy to open- stable antenna connector
    blue power LED is very bright
    Cheapest RTL2832U Chip I found, works fine as SDR. But don't expect many extra features, that other TV-Sticks have
  • All round reciever

    posted by TheWrecker

    Compatible with SDR# and Zadig (RTL).Small package.Good sensitivity.Recieves FM, DVB-T and other broadcasts if you can find the software for it.Also picks up analog cable radio if you plug it into the wall.
    Antenna is what you might expect from a standard antenna. You have some reception when you're lucky. Attaching a better antenna greatly boosts reception.The device also seems to 'warm up' after a while. This is probably normal though.
    Great product in a small package. Great for travelling with a laptop for example.
  • Works well as a SDR receiver.

    posted by Phaedruz

    Worked out of the box as a SDRReasonable delivery timeInexpensive
    I've not tried it for its intended purpose but as an introduction to SDR it worked well. I'll probably re-case it in a metal shell so see if that reduces noise level and to add some heat-sinking to it - however I consider this a nicety, not a necessity.
    Recommend for SDR purposes.
  • Best Device Ever

    posted by jillbob

    Cannot find another product like it.Digital TVDigital radioF M radioI am using the product in AustraliaInsructions Excellent. Easy to Inslall
    You have the ability to select from three skins that operate the controls. One looks like a car radio another like a car steering wheel and the othe in the shape of a surf board.Take the time to go over all the buttons on the control panel to personalize the unit to your specifications.
    Amazing product. There are plenty of TV tuners around try finding one with Digital Radio! Amazing product

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