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You'll find the best cutting blades for you here. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

cutting blades Customers Reviews

  • good scissors

    posted by njfeller

    the scissor cuts good and easy.
    He cuts all in one cut off so you do not suffer from splitting points.
    He is comfortable in the hand and also very light of weight. IDEAL!!!
    is of good quality.
    look nice.
    it is very important that you clean and dry your'e scissors, otherwise they will rust!!!
    cut no other stuff with it than your'e hair otherwise you will wear it out.
    it's a very nice and good scissor of good quality
    for that cheap price!!!
  • great knife

    posted by hippy2

    good strong knife use mine in the garden nice and cheap as well love the finish in wood very sharp and holds a good edge the curved blade is use full for pruning grape vines
    should have got 2 it would be good if the blade was longer and it was sold in different sizes its a shame dealex dont sell this in knives im sure it wouls be a better seller
    wood sides for a basic work knife its very classy looks worth more than what i paid if you want a tool that will do the job with out worrying about loseing it this is the one to get
  • A rough but useful tool.

    posted by tubegeek

    this knife has a sharp blade made of good steel. and it is easily resharpened or reshaped as needed. Fairly large size m- this is a handy tool to have in your tool bag for general cutting purposes.
    At this price, a knife making hobbyist could use the decent steel for a custom blade by disassembling it from the handle. The blade could be reshaped as they wish and a custom handle added. This would probably be an economical way to get blade blanks!
    Absolutely good value, and overall well worth having at hand.
  • Cheap replacement blades for disposible cutters

    posted by kalechinees

    Excellent replacement blades for the standard cutter. They have slim breaking areas which are great if you use only the tip for cutting. They aren't of great use if you cut with the entire length of the blade. Very very sharp.
    I use cutters on a daily basis and not having a perfectly sharp knife can be dangerous. The sharper the blade, the less force you will need to use and the more control you have.
    Extremely cheap and very sharp. Get a lot of these cause if you need to buy them when you actually need them, you'll pay a lot more!
  • Very good and sturdy Hair thinning scissors

    posted by dolfinthereal

    Easy to use, not need to go to a baber cutter.For home use or professional use also good.Looks sturdy.Very sharp and comfortable.I request for everybody.You can make yourself looking good in no timeYou even can correct your hair by yourself.
    Very good quality. The value and cost ratio is very good.You can take with yourself to everywhere.
    Very good and useful tool for everybody.I request for everybody.It worth it.

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