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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase cutter tool here and you can save money at the same time. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

cutter tool Customers Reviews

  • Safety first. Get one of these in each car.

    posted by carlos66ba

    I do not understand how anybody can give poor ratings to this device. It is well made for what it is meant to be. This is not a delicate tool. It is meant to cut the seat-belt and smash the window so you can escape in an emergency. (have you really thought how hard it is to break a car's glass??? basically impossible without a sharp metal tooll---this is it!)
    Get one of these for each car you have and for your relatives and friends. It is very likely you will never use it (lets hope... I am glad I had never the need to....). Then again, if you ever need it and it is not there, start your prayers :)
  • Too small :(

    posted by Kapiiitan

    Very strong ignition temperature. A must for all ppl who are used to camping.
    Not for childrens, be careful, they might burn their skin.no other thoughts! no other thoughts! no other thoughts!no other thoughts!no other thoughts! no other thoughts! no other thoughts!no other thoughts!no other thoughts!no other thoughts!no other thoughts!
    I would recommend the large version of this product, it will last longer and the operation will be easier.
  • Good firesteel

    posted by VasaX

    Nice and sturdy build.Better strap than the bulk black ones.Looks stylish!
    I bough this one primary to complete my knife sheet. I used it only to test its performance, further I'm using my previous firesteel and I now bought another one for backup.So this one is just for fashion, because it looks more expensive and in a high quality than it is. And I can still use it as backup one :)
    I approve. But it looks better than it works, but it works, and the ease of it is very dependant on your skills.
  • Useful survival tool!

    posted by mervin82

    Received item in good condition in 1 week. Small and handy, can be hung on a backpack. Tested it outfield on a army training trip with dried grass and it works! I used this item because it is much more reliable than lighters or matches (especially if your pockets are soaked with sweat)
    My friends have asked me where did I buy this and they are quite impressed when I told them the price of this thing, its really much cheaper than most survival equipment shop, go for it!
  • After some training, good item!!!

    posted by Egimeno

    Great sparks! Put some dry and thin paper below it (like newspaper, kleenex, kitchen paper) and before the 3rd spark you have a fire!
    Build quality is hard! First time you scratch lightly fearing not to break it, but later you discover you have to scratch hard and it will last very long!
    I hope you have no need to use it ever in real life. Mine is stored in my backbag.
    Useful and easy to use once you learn how to.


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