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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase cutter tool here and you can save money at the same time. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

cutter tool Customers Reviews

  • Good tool to have

    posted by Inokez

    -> The build is OK-> You can exchange the blades-> It cuts, lol-> Can cut and strip both coaxial and ethernet cables, I use it most for coaxial, for stripping ethernet I think that sku 2687 is better.-> Looks kind of bad-ass with all of this blades and everything.-> Nice tool to have with your network/wiring tools.
    -> Looks kind of bad-ass with all of this blades and everything.-> Reminds me of Batman.
    Good to have in your network/wiring toolbox.Price is not bad.
  • Works Great!

    posted by HEIMDAL13

    -Light-Easy to carry-Easy to start a fire-Durable (I think it will last to start at least 30 fires)-Cheap
    This product does its job. I works as advertised and can set fires with few seconds. You cant keep it in a backpack and forget about it untill you need it or just use it to start camping fires istead of a lighter for fun.
    Good product, I think you wont need expensive products to have a good fire Sparkle.
  • Good product for the bicycle chain

    posted by codreanulaura15

    I have used this item to open the chain of my bicycle. It is quite good this tool, because when you break the chain into pieces, you will want to be able to put it back also easily.
    The materials are resistant, and good. It it not very heavy, but it is durable.
    I recommend this thing if you want to change / repair or even clean very well your chain!
  • Simple and Effective

    posted by maattp

    Makes nice size sparksVery low price.Weather resistant and waterproof
    Use the cutter to strike it. Once some paint rubs off flint + striker it will go. Sparks fly around, so don't use it indoors (kind of obvious) Use a kleenex to catch fire.
    Good flint/striker for the money. This could really get you out of trouble, but it's also cool just to try for fun.
  • Good Fire Starter

    posted by rugvlad

    It's rather big and I like that. It's somewhat heavy even. I don't know if the spark are indeed 3000 degrees, I have to doubt that, but if you need a spark, this bad boy will definetely do the job for you. But you will have to be clever though, remember: it's just sparks, not a flame, so you'll have to work a little to actually get a fire working.
    I found out that the best sparks comes out if you use glasspaper, man, what sparks, they are much bigger comparred to the piece of steel there, and think the glass paper prolonges the life of this firesteel rod.
    Usefull, but you will have to find out how it workes best for you. Sparkes alone doesn't make a fire, paper, small bits of wood, etc.

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