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cutter blade Customers Reviews

  • First!!! =P

    posted by mrninja

    -Big flint rod
    -2 strikers
    -Pea less whistle
    -Nice packaging
    Bought this kit to replace my fire rod. For the same price I got an extra whistle and striker.
    Cool whistle! Folks this isn't your ordinary sounding whistle. Have you ever heard a train conductor's whistle? This is it, except it's made of plastic and not metal? Designing the single blow mouthpiece into 3, gives it a unique sound?
    If your building a survival kit out from scratch, this might be a good start? Aside from the price it isn't bad. I think I'll purchase the faux Strike Force set the next time?
  • High value fire steel

    posted by Sch0rsch

    The "wilderness wurvival fire sparkle and blade cutter tool" works good. The fire steel is made out of good material and works very good. I have to say, that the original "lite my fire" fire steels do work a little bit better, but not much. Maybe the sparks are burning a bit hotter.But this fire steel works also very good and it is noticeble cheaper.
    A working fire stell which is not that expensive. For the price it is a good buy.
  • Good Fire Starter

    posted by rugvlad

    It's rather big and I like that. It's somewhat heavy even. I don't know if the spark are indeed 3000 degrees, I have to doubt that, but if you need a spark, this bad boy will definetely do the job for you. But you will have to be clever though, remember: it's just sparks, not a flame, so you'll have to work a little to actually get a fire working.
    I found out that the best sparks comes out if you use glasspaper, man, what sparks, they are much bigger comparred to the piece of steel there, and think the glass paper prolonges the life of this firesteel rod.
    Usefull, but you will have to find out how it workes best for you. Sparkes alone doesn't make a fire, paper, small bits of wood, etc.
  • Excellent product I really liked really good one everyone should have had s

    posted by efi88l

    Very easy to use great for travelers and people who go out hunting or camping and excellent product really liked really good one everyone should have had such a
    This product is in my emergency always very good as survival equipment can be very useful when stuck without fire or after getting wet is very cheap and very good strong reliable fast delivery good product very effective for gifts for small children or soldiers or relative hunters really should know
    Recognizes superior, reliable, strong, very cheap, fast delivery, very small sum should everyone buyAs one who likes to travel a lot and he was a fighter inArmy and found a lot of camping and survival messes I recommend to buy this amount
  • Best box cutter. Ever.

    posted by llasher

    Good price
    Nice firm handle
    Locking mechanism simple and clever
    Pretty blue
    I love box cutters. I cut boxes with them. I actually think this is a more sturdy, higher quality box cutter than those one buys at the corner hardware store or cheapie shop. You should buy some blades, because if you are like me you will be cutting so much cardboard you will need them!
    Good, reasonably priced cutter, for boxes, and other uses. Recommended.


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