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You will be surprised our best cute toy with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

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  • Awesome!

    posted by manfrowar

    Very good build quality, really cute toy. Here in Brazil it would cost at least twice this price. It is a very nice gift for any Mario fan. I have it for almost a month and it hasn't changed a thing. Better than expected!
    One of the best purchases I have made in DealExtreme so far. I bought it for me and my girlfriend and was not disappointed. I certainly recommend it for everyone.
    Loved it! If you like it, buy it. I am shure you will not regret.
  • Baby cant get eyes out of whale in the bath

    posted by luizgpf

    Small, very bright in the water. Beatifull colors.My son can't take eyes out of the whale, laughing with the color changing pattern.
    Plannning to buy another 3 (cheap, probably would be harder to replace battery than buy new ones)
    I was waiting some thing that would not work or not bright to get kid attention. I was surprised. Works perfect. Kid is happy playing with whale. It is cheap. Buy more than one.
  • Very good!

    posted by fabriciobraga

    Very well sized. Also cames well packet and could be a good gift. The price is another good point, is very cheap compared with the price here (I live in Brazil). the painting is also fair, resistant and well finished.
    My daughter loved it! She loves all Mario figures, because the game, and when she oppened the package her eyes shone like a sun!
    I am waiting for the other Mario figure with the same size.
  • good figure, good finishes and manufacturing

    posted by hleyton

    figure with good detail, ideal for collecting, nice colors, perfect size to leave on the shelf along with the other figures of mario
    deal for fans of nintendo figures, I recommend also to develop more similar figures DX with similar prices and sizes to have collections
    I would buy if I needed, 100% recomended, not expensive and is recommended for children 4 and up
  • Funny, annoying..but funny!

    posted by jilleberends

    - Funny- Useless (which makes it a fun thing to have)- Leaves no crap in your garden- Doesn't bark- Plug and play- Low-tech hardware, makes it easy to tweak or mod
    It's easy to take the legs off, and tighten the screws a little, so the legs will no longer rattle as much as they did. You can also apply a small drop of lubricant to the moving parts, to make the dog hump a bit easier, and with less noise involved.
    When will they produce a cat?

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