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cute mario Customers Reviews

  • Save the Princess !!!!

    posted by Andy7Lee

    Excellent quality product!! PVC and painted very well!! Recommend and also suggest that if you like the character, you can buy the other characters in the series ... PT-Br: Produto de excelente qualidade!!! Em PVC e muito bem pintado!!! Recomendo e sugiro também que se gostas do personagem, poderá adquirir os outros personagens da série...
    Complete your collection with the other characters and have a pleasant surprise!! Great quality and low price!! Pt-Br:Complete sua coleção com os outros personagens e terá uma agradável surpresa!!!! Ótima qualidade e preço baixo!!!
    Take advantage of this great offer and enjoy!!Thanks DX for this toy!!!! PT-Br: Aproveite esta grande oferta e divirta-se!!!!
  • good props

    posted by gothmate

    All characters are really well done and they look like the original nintendo characters.
    Great colors and a nice finishing.
    Good as props to decorate your table or party.
    Recomended to Mario fans, kids, gift, and anyone who likes video game characters colections.
    Besides the price (a little higher than other products) its a good choice to Mario fans of all ages.
    Very resistent toys even for little kids.
  • The key word is display

    posted by LagniManiac

    Very cute - it's Toadette - true to the character - colours of the costume, body shape etc.She's winking.Nice little obscure Mario character to display on your shelf.
    I'm not even much of a mario fan, but I already have the Wario display figure, and bought this little toad chick because she looked so cute. I'm going to play some Mario Kart.Next to each other, toadette looks like a little girl, and Wario looks like a big fat mean SOB, just as should be.
    Buy it if you want a little Toadette figurine.Buy 3+ for a discount, and to have a couple to break and one to leave on the shelf.
  • Awesome!

    posted by manfrowar

    Very good build quality, really cute toy. Here in Brazil it would cost at least twice this price. It is a very nice gift for any Mario fan. I have it for almost a month and it hasn't changed a thing. Better than expected!
    One of the best purchases I have made in DealExtreme so far. I bought it for me and my girlfriend and was not disappointed. I certainly recommend it for everyone.
    Loved it! If you like it, buy it. I am shure you will not regret.
  • marioooooo!!!

    posted by pyro329

    It's a cute Super Mario star, made of soft cloth. - It has two painted eyes, they're not just stickers or something that could peel off when time goes on. - It can be used as a keychain, but you can also attach it to a suction cup and hang it on a mirror or a window.
    Great item for price, buy some for friends / coworkers as a little gift.
    Great buy, you can buy this as a gift and everyone will love you lol

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