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  • Sporting gear with childish twist

    posted by madendra

    I was impressed with the material and feel of the boxing gloves. I only bought it as a toy for my son, but they have proven to have the quality of above average sporting gear. The gloves strap on quite nicely. They are great for a physical work out. The graphics on the glove are also not as cheesy as I thought that they would be.
    It would be great if you also supplied other boxing training gear for children to complement this product.
    Over all I was definitely satisfied with the product.
  • Love it, it's so cute

    posted by DWilches

    * I loved this one !

    * My girlfriend will love it too:
    * Material is not cheap, it's actually steel
    * Build quality is nice
    * The magnets are strong enough as to make both keychains get along together
    * Look at the couple, it's so cute
    * Price is fair

    What I liked the most was the build quality.
    Perfect for sharing it with your girlfriend/boyriend.. I think mine will love it when she put her hands on it
    Totally worths the money
  • Great for extra precaution

    posted by Haleary

    Item is as per description. Works well for me and my child. I ordered 4 sets in total, all are working and the distance range can be set. between 5 little footsteps to 25 footsteps.Be mindful though if there are any blockage around the area you are in. It has 2 mode, one searching and the other is "let loose" which i didn't really expect it.the lock on the strap, is a good idea. its not easy to remove by the kid. though it might be troublesome if you misplace the keys.
    I just hope it will survive some "handwashing" accidents. The 2 additional keys for good, but might be better if we can somehow "loop" it with the keychain to prevent lost. haha.. anti-lose device isn't it?
    For this price, its a good buy. Recommend you consider this, if you're planning to go traveling or even to the park.
  • Nice strap to keep children safe

    posted by romix88

    It's a backpack that also has a strap that young children can walk down the street without the risk of getting lost or running out into a busy street.Too cute and very useful nieces restless and playful, especially when you're busy streets. Very good quality, with long fair also is backpack
    I think it's a very good buy, since in the Chilean market, this same product is much more expensive. It is a very good product, very helpful and very nice for a little girl.
    As I said before is a very good product that I would definitely recommend and if I had another nephew, probably buy it again. Excellent product.
  • very useful item!!!

    posted by guidolarrain

    That's perfect for babies, everything works fine as expected. Relation Item / Price is fair! you will not be disappointed. If your having or have a baby, you need to buy this!!!
    It is OK considering the price that you are paying for this good.
    I think it was a good deal to buy this towel. i'm happy about it!!!


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