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cute figure toy Customers Reviews

  • Small pillow-toy

    posted by Aretzkee

    Dimensions goot to be a little pillow as well as toy to carry around, not to big, not to small. Blue "shirt" is detachable so it is easy to clean.
    Good dual use item - although use as a pillow will not be the main one as it is not big item. But if a child likes it, it may act as an aid in getting asleep.
    Bought as soon as seen on DX. My doughter likes it very much just from the start, sleeps with it very often. Good toy but fasteners should be improved.
  • Great Value, Excellent Quality

    posted by NoneTheLess

    Saw these in a shop for £3.99 each.Found them on here for less than $15 for the whole set!Look exactly like the Mario characters, are great to look at and they're the right size for your desk!
    Figures are perfect, exactly the same item as sold in UK shops.Made from good quality plastic.These aren't cheap knock-offs, they're the actual product.
    Incredibly cheap for such high quality figures.If you like Mario definitely buys this set, $14.97 instead of £23.94.
  • Very good product

    posted by fterror

    Very good quality overall, I believe that it is an original product built under licence from Nintendo.
    Everybody that ask me how much i've paid, don't believe that I paid so cheap in a perfect copy like that I can win the sympathy of strangers who arrive at my home!
    What could someone expect from a Mario plastic action figure? How to "understand the inner working"? And the price is just right, I probably don't pay more that US$ 4.xx in this toy.Well, this toy is well painted and made. It's colorfull and funny. Perfect to be a children's toy or to stand as a statue in your room. I love my Mario toy!
  • Baby Distracting Device Mega Win

    posted by Greptile

    These are unbelievably useful in amusing and distracting an infant.Since we got these, diaper changes have gone from crazy squirmy devil baby time to happy fun baby time. We reach into the "bin of puppets" grab a couple, and amuse our troubles away.Also great to keep a few in your pockets for emergencies.
    The place where you insert your fingers is pink. Which is mildly disturbing. I won't say why. Better if you never see it that way. Some things can never be unseen.
    One of the greatest Deal Extreme scores ever and a steal at twice the price. Get some extra sets for your friends. Give them out at baby showers.They'll thank you later.
  • Great little toys

    posted by msawlor

    They arrived as shown. The color, paint, size, shape etc are exactly as shown.
    I do wonder about BPA content and the paint so I limit play time with these toys... My son is pretty critical of toys with defects or ones that don't match the characters he knows well. He loves these toys though.
    Great little toys for my sons to play with. I'm sure they would rate them a 5 out of 5 to :)

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