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cute display toy Customers Reviews

  • This figure is awesome!

    posted by sven23

    - Looks awesome wherever you put it.
    - Paintjob is pretty much ok.
    - It's articulable (can rotate his arms, feet and head).
    - It has a good size either to play with it or to leave it somewhere for decoration.
    - It's made of hard plastic, looks very durable.
    Kids will love him as well as grown adults (either they know him or not because it is a really cute figure).
    If you get multiple of them in different colors along with some Mario/Luigi/Wario/Toad/Donkey Kong figures they are great for shooting stop motion videos!!!
    Buy it, you won't regret of it, you can't get better at this price!
  • Good

    posted by Rgpupo

    Bowser's figure is AWESOME! And it looks very bulky and resistant. Its twice the size of the other figures. Mario looks fine too.
    Three figures for putting on a shelf or a desk. A must-buy for a fan of the series, and it looks awesome if you have the rest of the series. But what really worth the price here is the Bowser model.
  • A must-have for all those Luigi Fans

    posted by mcmaligno

    -Very well painted, looks almost official.-It has no strange smells like other plastic toys.-You can change the arms position.-It's faithful to the original desing, being the taller of all the series.
    -We need another Luigi toy, a bigger one like sku.32074, it would be fantastic.
    If you are a Luigi fan like me you would enjoy this product, it fits perfectly in my Nintendo Collection :D
  • The key word is display

    posted by LagniManiac

    Very cute - it's Toadette - true to the character - colours of the costume, body shape etc.She's winking.Nice little obscure Mario character to display on your shelf.
    I'm not even much of a mario fan, but I already have the Wario display figure, and bought this little toad chick because she looked so cute. I'm going to play some Mario Kart.Next to each other, toadette looks like a little girl, and Wario looks like a big fat mean SOB, just as should be.
    Buy it if you want a little Toadette figurine.Buy 3+ for a discount, and to have a couple to break and one to leave on the shelf.
  • Very good!

    posted by fabriciobraga

    Very well sized. Also cames well packet and could be a good gift. The price is another good point, is very cheap compared with the price here (I live in Brazil). the painting is also fair, resistant and well finished.
    My daughter loved it! She loves all Mario figures, because the game, and when she oppened the package her eyes shone like a sun!
    I am waiting for the other Mario figure with the same size.

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