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  • Very nice and fun, everybody like it in my family

    posted by JulinhoSP

    This product came in blister pack with cardboard. In each package comes with 1 foot may be the right or left side. Lucky for me, I bought two products. And sent me correctly. They sent the right and left correctly, and thus formed a beautiful and fun set foot in my bathroom wall. Behind the foot, that has a feeler holding well. I had no problem.
    Im use this to hold my tooth brushes. The color of foots look luck real skin, and it is made of soft plastic.
    I recommend it. I buyed 3 of this.
  • your 3rd arm in the car

    posted by rackertamer

    Very easy to install. Good fixation on smooth surfaces. It fixes even where I placed the toll sticker for the motorway (inside of the wind screen).I use it to fix my Samsung SIII to have it closer to my hands instead of using these also useful self adhesive magic mats.
    Looks a little bit cheap but fixation is a s good as expected.
    For white devices a nice and useful solution.
  • flexiable

    posted by FloraFlower

    Flexible silicone material allows seal around the cup. Effective keeping dust and other things from falling into cup.
    Hoping the silicone will not lose its flexibility, because that will mean losing it seal.
    It looks cute and currently does not allow water to leak for me, allowing me small amount of time to catch the mug before more damage could be done.
  • Too cute to resist…

    posted by Nickfr

    Really very cool, nicely made and fairly good quality …color design, plastic and silicone cover is fairly good quality…aesthetic and fun to have … surly the cutest item I have ordered on DL…
    go for it ... it is too cute
    A geek must have and fun for the family for all ages perfect for a gift …. it is too cute.... it is too cute.... it is too cute.... it is too cute.... it is too cute....dammed… the 500 character rules…. . dammed… the 500 character rules…. . dammed… the 500 character rules…. .
  • Nice decoration (small for food)

    posted by pauloba

    Nice stuff to decorate the house.
    Really geeky bowls to use on a party to put some snacks in.
    By now its on my house hall but I plan to throw a party and I'll use it to fill them with some peanut japanese snacks, I don't thinks chips or other food will fit in there.
    Could be cheaper and bigger but I still like it.

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