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cute bags Customers Reviews

  • We have a winner

    posted by jaccoruns

    It looks really nice, resembles Super Mario quite well, it actually looks better than on the photo here on dx.com. Quality is good at first sight. My kid loved it (admitted he is a Super Mario maniak, anything Super Mario is great for him).
    Sometimes you get pleasantly surprised when you buy something cheap, sometimes you get disappointed. This is definitely a nice surprise.
    I think this is a very good value for money. If you want a Super Mario bag that is not too big (I actually don't have the bag here but I guess it would be slightly bigger than a CD)
  • Amazing quality and very cute

    posted by borjaardilla

    It is quite big, I had imagined that it would be a bit smaller but indeed I like it even better. This is the most cute deer that I have seen, and the bamboo charcoal makes it perfect to avoid bad smells
    I would like to have more quality toys like this, I do not like when they have a rope to stick them to the window or something. This is really good.
    I hope there are more soft toys like this in the future, I love them
  • Nice strap to keep children safe

    posted by romix88

    It's a backpack that also has a strap that young children can walk down the street without the risk of getting lost or running out into a busy street.Too cute and very useful nieces restless and playful, especially when you're busy streets. Very good quality, with long fair also is backpack
    I think it's a very good buy, since in the Chilean market, this same product is much more expensive. It is a very good product, very helpful and very nice for a little girl.
    As I said before is a very good product that I would definitely recommend and if I had another nephew, probably buy it again. Excellent product.
  • Great!

    posted by axordahaxor1

    - Gave it to my girlfriend and she loves it-She uses it to carry her schoolbooks around while they do not fit in her carrying bag-People tend to laugh at it but hey, isn't it really the whole point?-Build quality is awesome, it feels like it's going to break but it really withstands great amount of books everyday so, it's good-price is very nice- really good bag when it can be wrapped into small space easily
    -Funny and yet useful product
    -Again, buy it if you like it, if you are considering, just do it
  • great gift for my daughter

    posted by desiree4

    Its so cute. I got it for a gift for my younger daughter but the older ones seem to steal it a lot. Its so adorable how its so sparkly
    There should be more bags for girls to choose from.maybe can be made a bit bigger or a couple more pockets
    I might have to buy more of them now. Its really cute and my daughter brings it everywhere she goes


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