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cushion pillow Customers Reviews

  • Great for backpack!

    posted by rpinkovai

    Very small when packed. The weight is also good if you compare to the usefulness and comfort. The bag is well fitted and it looks very well done.
    I was looking for one of this at the USA websites and the price is too high to send to BR, so this one is the best alternative we have here.
    I will test this stuff in the field to check the reliability but as far as I feel this is a very good piece of gear!
  • Comfy product

    posted by PrisDS

    This pillow is nice and soft, with a felt-like touch to it. It feels as though it's probably stuffed with really tiny styrofoam balls.
    You can bend it around in a couple of ways, but I would rather be careful so as not to put unnecessary pressure on the stitching. It's well-stitched, but I would rather not risk it.
    This pillow can be used while laying in bed or on the couch, or even while travelling.
    Here in my country, I could never get this sort of product for the little bit of money that I paid here on DX, so it was totally worth it for me.
  • My new best friend

    posted by Cherrylover

    -> It is easy and fast to inflate and deflate
    -> Washable
    -> Has a neck support
    -> Easy to store when not in use (you put it in your handbag)
    -> It seems durable
    -> Don't use at the max air capacity, because it may give a pain in your neck....
    -> I got the blue one, which was the one I wanted
    -> I already travelled with it, and I must say that is wonderful to have something in your neck, specially with long trips and night trips.
  • OK camp pillow

    posted by matthaak

    This inflatable pillow is truly self-inflating (unlike certain pads/pillows that advertise as being such and require that you blow air through the valve).It is fairly comfortable when not *fully* inflated, although I would imagine that depends on your preferences.
    I found this was most comfortable when inflated to about 1/2 to 2/3 of its maximum capacity. Would not recommend for a side sleeper, I only find this comfortable while sleeping on my back.
    Somewhat expensive for what it is, but the construction quality of the pillow seems to be top-notch.
  • So comfy

    posted by derekfan86

    Soft Comfortable Just what you need when your special someone isn't home.:):):):) feels great
    I use this every night...my boyfriend has even sprayed his cologne on it to make me feel like its his arm i'm laying in....i absolutely love it
    if you have some one you love and you cant be in their arms for whatever reason buy this :) this is a great product and i can't see myself being without it :)

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