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  • Great for driving two 30W LEDS

    posted by rusty1964

    Easy to connect and use.Does not get too warm with generous heatsink fitted.
    This unit, plus two 30W warm white LEDs makes great room lighting, noticeably brighter than equivalent power of compact fluoros, and no two minute wait for the fluoros to reach full brightess. The turn on delay is disconcerting for a few days and then you get used to it and stop having a momentary thought that the lights have failed :-)
  • This power supply works perfectly

    posted by tuesskok

    It is small and this is big advantage for me becouse I can put it in my led bulbs. It has big working range - from 90V to 265V.
    I bought three of this current source power supply driver. I install them in the three bulbs in my bathroom. I bought also 7W power supply but for my bathroom 3*3W is ok, there is enough light with three lights by three LEDs of a watt
    I am verry happy with my order. I will make led light at my village and I will buy again from this current source power supply driver.
  • Works as it should

    posted by beanhed

    Small, cheap, waterproof and appears to be a solid build.
    Sometimes I think of covering myself in whipped cream whilst naked and walking down the street singing happy birthday.
    I originally bought one to test out for replacing under cabinet lighting my kitchen as the replacement florescent tubes for the existing lights cost a lot more than one of these and a reel of 50 SMD LED's. After a few months I bought another 4 to replace the others when the florescent tubes go. two have been in constant use for over a year and so far no problems.
  • 6W Led Driver

    posted by gtsteve

    They seem to be good, they have been connected for only one day but they have stopped the flickering that my 4W Leds previously had. They seem to be well made, and the 4 connection wires are poked through the circuit board before soldering on which makes them less prone to snapping off. They were easy to connect.
    Nice soft silicone rubber insulation on the wires makes it a delight to strip with your teeth.
    They work fine and the price is right when you buy 10.
  • Good quality, 7.4W output, 8.6 watt consumption

    posted by nagymate

    Small, good quality. High frequency output (LEDs will not flicker). Protected against too small resistance loading.Large input voltage range.
    While output power is around 7.4 Watts, consumption is 8.6 Watts (from 230V input voltage). This means 86% efficiency. Output voltage is vary depending on the loading to achieve almost constant current. In case of open circuit the output voltage is around 45 Volts.
    If You only need only 7.4 Watts and 86% efficiency, this product can be a good choice for You. You cannot use 10W 12V LED chips with this, because the lowest output voltage is higher than 12V

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