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current sensor module Customers Reviews

  • If you need to measure current, look at this unit

    posted by manjh

    Small, compact, solid build. And the current terminals are big enough to hold the standard 230v wiring, so no problem there. This unit will measure a massive 30A current, so totally sufficient for the regular household applications, at least at 230V it is. Not sure if it is sufficient for 110V.
    none that I can think of , except the thought of putting a whole range of these things in my utility box, so I can measure all of my 12 230V groups in my house... a single Arduino Mega should be able to handle these sensors.
    good unit, now let me look into a good way to put it to use.
  • Great for larger loads' current measurement!

    posted by pcmihnea

    This device couldn't be easier to use: at 0 amps load on the measurement pins (that are connected to the terminal block), it outputs 1/2 of it's supply voltage (so 2.5V at 5V supply, for ex.). For every 1 amp load, the output increases by 0.1V (if it is direct current), or decreases by 0.1V (if it is reverse current), making it easy to measure it with a micro-controller's ADC input.
    Be wary of your micro-controller's ADC input's resolution: at 10bits means a step (resolution) of only 0,00489V, so design your application accordingly.
    As long as you wish to measure larger loads, this will suit your needs. For smaller one, buy the 5A one.

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