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current regulated led Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Value for Compact Current Driver

    posted by Rusdy

    - Very compact, can fit in SKU13741
    - Does not overheat
    - It's been working for more than a year without trouble (I bought this at the end of 2009)
    - If dealextreme can make bulb housing, driver and LED kit like LEGOs, that would be great, so people without soldering skills can mix and match their own LED bulb (I should patent this idea)
    - This is a current source, which means if the current output is 620mA, then it is 620mA no matter what LED you're connected it to. In my case, I had XR-E Q5. At 620mA, the voltage is around 3.1V. This means power consumed by the LED is almost 2W. Don't be surprised with this fact, you simply need to know 3W driver is probably not going to give you 3W, as it highly depends on what type of LED you use. At this current, my XR-E Q5 only gives me around 190 lumens (way less than 35W halogen). You can calculate all of these by going to CREE datahseet.
    Good driver.
  • Well build and working

    posted by Infratuna

    Building quality seems good. Does what promised and little more - it works with my bicycle dynamo which produce 6 V max. One of my GU10 230 V 3W led lamps driver broke down. I change this driver to the lamp and now I use it in my bicycle! It perfect cause it has rectifier and bicycle dynamos normally produce AC. I'm so excited :D
    This field is required :D Ok why not. I'm going to test my first bicycle-dynamo-DIY-lamp and if it is working well I order a lot more.
    Nice deal! Hope it has a long lifetime.
  • Best Driver I've found

    posted by bls123

    Small, lightweight and easy to modify for just about any use. Has very good current regulation that only varies 5-10ma at most over the total operating range. The units single resistor that sets the current level is easy to change. Input has a bridge rectifier so polarity independent and can be fed from either an AC or DC power source. Bridge rectifier diodes are easy to remove for greater efficiency when powering from a DC source. Uses a PT4115 chip. This makes the max input voltage 40VDC (or about 28V AC) so up to 10-11 LEDs in series can be powered (depending on which LEDs are used and the total LED voltage required of course). Input capacitor is only rated for 25V however so must be replaced for higher voltages.
    Less expensive and a lot easier than building a current regulator from scratch. Exactly the same as 13553 and 13557 except for it's one resistor that sets the current level.
    I buy a number of which ever (13553, 13555 or 13557) is least expensive at the time for projects and simply replace the resistor when a different current level is needed.
  • DIY your own led bulb :)

    posted by Dominik

    Small enough to put it in E27 DIY LED Light Bulb Casing with Focusing Optic (sku.13741). Remember to secure the bottom of the pcb board against short-circuit with the case - there are many soldering points and on the case you have more than 220V.
    If you want to make you own led bulb for small light spot it may be the right choice for you, but for bigger illumination I strongly suggest 3x1W version.
  • Mine are near 75% efficency

    posted by tonix1

    The one I have tested give me the following:
    Input 234,5V @14,35ma=3,36W
    Output 9,32V @282ma 2,679W
    EFFICIENCY = 75%
    (indeed the current measurement is variable, it start from 284ma to decrease costantly, I consider an average value)
    Very small, fits even DIY lamp, perfect to build ligthing with power leds.
    Good building quality (I don't know single component quality).
    Wiring is indicated DC OUTPUT= white negative- pink positive. AC Input= the white wire couple opposite side of the PCB.
    The circuit it is just a little step behind a very good one, A 15% ENHANCEMENT OF EFFICIENCY would be just good enough.
    a good choice to experiment with power led, a convenient way to build some nice home lighting.


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