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current regulated led driver

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current regulated led driver Customers Reviews

  • works well

    posted by l4dzk

    Well labeled, Wires solder well. Got exactly as pictured. Bought lot of 20 and all worked. Wire is on the flimsy side. about 1 inch in length.
    Hard to say how long they will hold up. Don't know if I put hot glue on them will hurt it in the process of making it more water resistent. I guess I could just use silicone caulking instead.
    Seems well built. Exactly as I expected. Will buy again when I get a chance to build more lights. BTW, i am using it for landscaping light hence the MR16 connection.
  • very good reliable driver

    posted by armitatz

    - easy to use- easy to solder- delivers 1.4A to led- 1 mode perfect for simple designs and retrofitting in old lights.
    easy to solder. small diameter fits in many old lights. perfect for updating old lights. straightforward use. no problems with soldering. I used it for an xml led and it delivers 1.4Amps to the led. The use was with no problems and the driver works without geting too hot.
    nice driver. veru useful. easy to use. I expect a 1-mode 2.0A version...
  • Perfect for running LEDs off of 12v

    posted by lilmundo

    -It delivers very reliable current, ~620ma by my measurement.-It can easily power 2 leds in series off of a 12v battery. This is an excellent feature.-Easy to set up-Driver stays cool
    I used these drivers to power some 12v lamps with two 3w LEDs inside each. I got to test it during a blackout and there was so much light in my living room it was like our house was the only one on the street with a well lit living space.
    This is a very useful product. Perfect for what I needed it for. If you want to power 1 to 2 3w LEDs off of 12v, this is the driver you want.
  • Better quality

    posted by OgiDogi

    The new batch seems to be of much better quality - the wires are soldered much better and look a bit thicker with soft insulation.
    Works very well with 1 W White LED from eBay seller SureElectronics coupled with SKU.12436
    As I said before - buy as much as you need of these, they are pretty useful. I will buy more whenever I need them, noone can beat this price.
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  • 3 Watt 110/220VAC LED Driver

    posted by lyonn

    - Very small and well built
    - Capable of providing 3 Watts output power to a power LED from 220VAC mains power input
    - Does not heat up with continuous use
    - Easy to use... just 4 wires to connect
    - Silent operation
    I am building 220VAC mains powered LED lamps to replace my existing CFLs. I tested this driver with an XRE Q5 and an XPG R5 and opted to use the XPG R5 for this driver. The XPG is noticeably brighter, has a better viewing angle and should last longer since it is being operated at less than half of it's rated maximum drive current. I've housed the driver and the R5 in 13741 and have begun running reliability and endurance tests. The fact that this driver and the emitter doesn't get hot suggests that it is efficient and that it should have a considerable lifetime. The finished lamp has been working non stop for more than 48 hours now with no build up in heat and no apparent dimming. If I notice anything, I will be posting it in product forums.
    I would recommend this to any one who wants to build 220VAC DIY lamps.

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