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  • Not bad driver

    posted by komik777

    I received the 4 pieces: 2 marked “JR Drive”, and 2 marked “QiaoDuoTianCong”.
    The JR Drive is very good quality, made very accurately, very good work.
    The output current doesn't achieve the value it was supposed to. I have measured all the 3 devices and the current was 1.23 A for all of them and not 1.4 A as announced. Output voltage: DC 23V.
    The "JR Drive" is good product, good price, I recommend.
  • Nice item

    posted by lucianoreis

    Its a very nice item. I have using for 4 months without any problem.
    I should buy to have a spare part because the lead time it's too long.
    Maybe the price could be more competitive. I don't had any surprise with the use of hits item.
    Its a great option for domestic use. I use this item with 1W lamps.
    Maybe the price could be more competitive. I don't had any surprise with the use of hits item.
  • Great for driving two 30W LEDS

    posted by rusty1964

    Easy to connect and use.Does not get too warm with generous heatsink fitted.
    This unit, plus two 30W warm white LEDs makes great room lighting, noticeably brighter than equivalent power of compact fluoros, and no two minute wait for the fluoros to reach full brightess. The turn on delay is disconcerting for a few days and then you get used to it and stop having a momentary thought that the lights have failed :-)
  • Its not 12V output it 24V

    posted by Hanina

    Low price, Build is OK, soft wiring, Small size easy to mount inside lemp or other unit, easy to wiring
    Can be nice if bottom PCB will be cover with protective plastic to avoid hazard from the 220V, I warp my device with adhesice plastic rebon isulator
    Spec is not correct the unit is 24 volot insted of 12 volt this cause LED it to heat up and eventualy blow.
  • Good Driver at best price

    posted by anitas

    1. Dirt cheap (I bought 6 with bulk rate)2. Isolated DC/No electrocution on LED side.3. Switch mode so efficient, less heat.4. Compact size.
    I bought 6 to replace CFL's. I used this with 1 watt led 3 in series and these 3 series in parallel (9 1 watt LED). I made 6 strips with Alu. channel as heat sink (see images). Single strip of 9 led's draw .04 A i.e. .04 A x230 V = 9.2 watt. Which is good performance.Since no mounting holes, I had difficulty mounting this on channel. So I used electric tape for isolation and fixing.So far all working okay.
    Good performer at this price. A envelop box may require by someone, however this makes it bulkier and, heat convection stops. I think mounting holes should be provided.


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