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  • ??????

    posted by CrazyvOlk

    High quality of the assembly. Justifies the waitings laid to it. Exact enough indications (was with what to compare). Fulfills the functions on 100 %
    The good multimeter, costs the money for all of 100 %. Similar instruments are more expensive at us (in Chelyabinsk) than time in 2-2,5... I have acquired it for use in the home purposes - at home and in garage. The functional of the instrument more than is sufficient for the given purposes. Some functions, I think, it is not necessary to use at all - but it is better superfluous functions, than they won't suffice! :) In general, to all to a clod it is necessary a small good multimeter with rich enough functional (for the home purposes) I recommend.
  • Love this

    posted by rugvlad

    This is my first digital multimeter, and my first multimeter for that matter, and I'm loving it. It's big, I like that, It's somewhat heavy, I like that to, and looks really nice. Comes with a good pair of test leads but I bought separatly another pair, just to be certain.It's not written there but this multimeter measures capacitance as well, and goes to 2000 uf. Measures nf as well.
    -comes with english manual;
    I liked it, it's cheap and great for this money. Yeah, I know, the backlight, but...for this money. I bought this insteed of minipa found on DX because of the transistor hfe test.
  • Useful tool to help protect your home.

    posted by dealarboy

    Surely you have happened to notice your home bulbs shining with a yellowish tinge. This is surely a sign of a low voltage power supply network that provides your power company. Depending on how low it is, can seriously damage household appliances especially those bearing motors. Knowing the voltage level in order to make the decision to disconnect from the network, or not always mean having a hand instrument. That is why this little meter added to a control panel is ideal for reading a tension instantly and hassle free.Easily connects to your power supply and operates from the beginning.
    It is necessary for installation and care have basic knowledge of electricity. If that is your level, you do not have complications.
    If you ever went through the aforementioned situation add it to your board without hesitation.
  • good investment

    posted by JulianNoa

    - Good price, and good performance- Makes a over 1 year I use and have not had any problems- Good quality components, very reliable- The digital display is clear, looks good - Recommended for beginners as it has all the basic features
    - Good ratio quality/price- Stand their good shots and has no visible damage
    I do not regret anything, is more than I expected
  • Nice DC ammeter/Voltmeter

    posted by Rimlyanin

    This device is small in size, without using an external shunt accurately measures the volts and amps in your circuit. Ammeter and voltmeter can be calibrated independently of each other for this purpose on the rear side of the device has two trimming resistor.
    The ammeter measures the voltage drop across the internal shunt resistor , which is not always possible to get a fairly accurate reading.
    Good quality / price ratio . To use such control circuitry .

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