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cup lid Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by codreanulaura15

    This cup is a very good product as a gift. The interior is very clean (stainless steel) and it seems very similar to a real DSLR lens.
    It is written on it "Canian", maybe the only clue that this is not a true lens. I hope that other products will write something else, not "Canian". I have bought it as a present and my friend was delighted.
    The materials are ok. It can trick someone very quick with it's appeareance.
  • Cute gift

    posted by Fotini

    It's cute, it's colorful, the quality is good. Good price too. It came in a plastic packaging surrounding it, which was good too.
    Very nice as a cute gift for a friend. Especially for cat-lovers. It would be nice to have other colors too.
    It's a nice little gift for a friend or family member, something they can use every day and also look at. Adds a nice touch to a simple mug.
  • Gets the job done for cheap!

    posted by logozo

    This Cup Lid does exactly what it says it would - keeps the hot liquids (tea, coffee) warm - and also can keep curious cats out of water glasses.Little ribbon is well mounted, and the silicone lid is flawless. Saw same article for sale for three times this price!
    Beware when lifting the lid, if the cover has perfect sceal with the cup or glass below, it will lift it, then most likely drop it seconds later, splashing the liquid inside all over the place. Not pleasant with coffee or tea.
    Definetly recommended.
  • Too cute to resist…

    posted by Nickfr

    Really very cool, nicely made and fairly good quality …color design, plastic and silicone cover is fairly good quality…aesthetic and fun to have … surly the cutest item I have ordered on DL…
    go for it ... it is too cute
    A geek must have and fun for the family for all ages perfect for a gift …. it is too cute.... it is too cute.... it is too cute.... it is too cute.... it is too cute....dammed… the 500 character rules…. . dammed… the 500 character rules…. . dammed… the 500 character rules…. .
  • Super useful

    posted by fleacircus

    Super cute kitty lid. Nice gift to kitty and coffee lovers. Effective to protect your cup from undesirable dust, curious kitties, etc, and to keep the liquid warm. Flexible silicone material, goes well with cold and heat, dishwasher safe.
    I bought this because my cat likes to drink the water I use to paint with watercolors. Now I can use this to keep her from drinking dirty water. It's very cute, I'll buy more of these in the future.
    Excellent product. Very useful and cute at the same time.

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