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  • Great product

    posted by marksman1

    It works fine in my HTC ONE S. Attaches well in my glass car. Perfect adjusts in my ONE S whitout cover protection. It is very flexible and adjustable almost any position. The suction cup is very strong and secure. The HTC ONE S engages very well and very strong, very difficult to fall.
    If you need a car mount for your HTC one S then you should definitely buy this product. It is very cheap and does everything it needs to do.
  • Great Well-Built Product

    posted by brenttaylor9999

    I use this item with my iPhone 5 and it fits securely and has not fallen out for the past few months that I've used this product. This is a great for people that use GPS on their phone while driving, the hands free product allows you to attach it securely to your windshield while you drive, allowing you to follow the GPS hands-free. This product is also great if you want to record a video while you are driving to prove to insurance company that if you are caught in an accident that it is not your fault. The camera on the iphone 5 is not covered.
    This is a great product. I'll recommend it to all of my friends.
    This is a great product for someone that wants to use their phone as a GPS while driving.
  • Car Mobile Holder

    posted by grupce

    Just got my Stylish Car Mobile Holder with Suction Cup for my HTC One X, and i decided to install it right away. The installation and the setup was flawless, and since my car glass was clean, it stacked on it like glued with a very powerful glue! That is a great plus for this product. The phone fitted very well in the holder, and it feels like it is made for HTC one X and not like any other phone in general.
    If you travel a lot, and you use the phone like a gps system, or you talk a lot, this is the right gadget for you.
    Very cheep Stylish Car Mobile Holder for HTC One X, and with the free shipping, it is a bummer not to get it.
  • Very good!

    posted by jouke-e

    Strong suction cup (you can place it anywhere) - Glass - Doors - Car - etc.the suction cup is very easy to remove after using it at any place. First open the handle and second get the suction cup lift off the glass/door etc. by pulling at the special thing at the cupWhen your camera is on it you can easily turn the camera and get it off realy good
    I tried the Go pro hero suction cup mount at differents spots near my house and it worked really well. The price is good and the material you get is also good.
    Buy this! It is really good
  • Great and usefull item

    posted by mikibgd

    Very satisfied with this item, it vacuums to glass surprisingly well. Place for phone, navigation or pda is adjustable, and can be rotated 360 degrees, so compatible with even wider items if you turn it for 90 degrees. Very strong but flexible connection wire.
    No other thoughts.
    Although price could go down, great item and recomended for buying!

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