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cuff bracelet Customers Reviews

  • Very Pretty

    posted by yunita

    -Reasonable price.
    -Good quality.
    -It looks very nice.
    -Beautiful color.
    -It fits almost every size wrist.
    -I absolutely love this bracelet, is one of my favorites.
    -I bought it to wear it with a black dress, and it looks very elegant.
    - I would like to purchase some more in different colors.
    -Don't look more, buy this bracelet for you o for a gift.
    - It really looks very cute.
    -It is made from high quality.
  • Lovely bracelet

    posted by supermama

    A very lovely bracelet, the quality is better than expected, nice details and colours that can match various styles and outfits. Nice craftmanship. I would expect to pay at least 5 times as much for a similar product here in Denmark.
    Nice bracelet.
    I am satisfied with the purchase, the quality and the price are acceptable. The bracelet would make a lovely gift. Would recommend to others.
  • Cool bracelet!

    posted by samarges

    Cool bracelet!
    The wife even has thought that from the present silver.
    Beads are similar to the present turquoise, qualitatively made thing.
    Has bought a bracelet as a New Year's souvenir. It is qualitatively enough made.
    The parcel has come for 5 weeks.
    Bracelet without any packing, it is simple in a bag, but it and isn't important. On a hand fits well. Looks nicely. Beads are similar to the present turquoise, qualitatively made thing.
  • wonderful bracelet

    posted by moruavaG

    Very nice bracelet, the color was copper with gold shimmer and brown stones are much lighter and brighter stones on very light shimmer. It looks very expensive. My hand is sufficient medium-sized, perfectly sitting on it. Ordered it for a variety of collections, and was one of the favorite, suitable to any image and style. And most importantly - low price.
    One of the accessories that can truly appeal to all and is perfectly suitable as a gift for a friend or a girlfriend.
    I advise you to buy this bracelet or select from the series, picking up the color, such as to the eyes.
  • Prety

    posted by lucasafusa

    I think the situation for this one is the same as the other item. My wife saw it on the website and she said that this look pretty. So we got this, but the quality is too bad.It came broken and also what should be this little purple stones...came all loosed on the package.But look pretty, my wife love this kinda bracelet so as soon she saw she loved it.
    I think i will try get one more again just to make sure if was bad packaging or maybe bad quality. But looking to the bracelet i can tell you that is a cheap material

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