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You will be surprised our best cube iq 3x3x3 with an artful design and an amazing price. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.

cube iq 3x3x3 Customers Reviews

  • It really works

    posted by dedemor1

    The 3x3x3 little magic cube really works. It is soft and easy to move the parts. The chain is well fixed and do not have sticks. It is good the use anywhere to make the time passes. Good brain exercise.
    It is a very good little magic cube to take anywhere in the pocket. Really small and works well for its size.
    Good product. Well build and good recreation device. I recommend it.
  • Best out of the box cube on DX!

    posted by walp86

    -Resonable pricing.-Nice build quality-Very smooth out of the box! (I didnt even lube it)Made a new PB with this babey the day it arrived :)
    I really like the fact that it didnt needed lubing out of the box, and that it immediately broke my PB ;)
    For some reason, I like this cube the way it is, and I havent lubed it yet, (might come back and tell post-lube). Very nice and special cube for a reasonable price!
  • I'm pretty satisfied with this purchase

    posted by MastaTGT

    -VERY easy to turn-Light weight-Colors are subtle
    When they built the blocks they built it so there was an indent on them for where the stickers go. That makes it so the stickers seem like they're part of the actual block. I think this is useful so the stickers don't peel as easily. It's pretty light so carrying it around isn't a hassle...if you want to carry it around that is..
    If you want it, get it. You won't be sorry you bought it. It's a good cube, easy to turn and doesn't get stuck as much.
  • Decent DIY cube for a good price

    posted by viscy

    It's a DIY cube. It's cheap. stickers are vinyl and won't turn white with wear.Like all diycubes it has adjustable spring tension.
    the cube4you cubes are a better choice. This is a type C cube and it isn't all that good..
    Buy it if you want a cheap diycube.
  • Dayan ZhanChi Review

    posted by Thenio

    Dayan have a super stickers.IT is fantastic. Movements are fantastic. Cube cost very little and have extra quality.Free shopping is the best method shopping for people from all world. It cut 45 degree and it is very cheap( compaere with others website shop). Feliks broke a new record 5,66 second.
    I think that I will become the best speedcuber. This is only joke


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