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cube iq 3x3x3 Customers Reviews

  • Good quality

    posted by acmenah

    * Quality: The materials look good. The product is well assembled.* Usability: The experience playing with it is very smooth.* Presentation: The box and the overall first impression is great.
    It seems a very good product. It is perfect for a present.
    Once the analysis of the product itself is made, if I take a look to it's price it makes this toy even better. I'm very happy with that bought.
  • Great

    posted by luizphr

    It's really easy to move the pieces. It really looks like a professional one. No comparision with the basic cubes.I've been using it for longer than 1 month and it is still working perfectly.There are no stickers for the colors, so it wont fall.
    Great product for a good price. I reccomend it. At least in my country a cube with the same quality of this one would cost at least the double of this one.
    I reccomend.
  • This is a Dayan LingYun Version 2 speedcube!

    posted by ktyamachi

    Just so there is no confusion, this is an authentic Dayan III LingYun V2 speed cube, the 'sequel' to the very popular Dayan GuHong. Also, it is Version 2 of the LingYun, which means that it comes with torpedoes installed.
    To the uninitiated, 'torpedoes' are small pegs of plastic installed inside the edge pieces which makes the cube almost impossible to 'pop' apart when twisting frantically.
    It comes fully assembled in the original factory box, but without the Dayan 'member's card'.
    Compared to the GuHong, this cube is just a touch smaller. Also, with the torpedoes installed, pops are almost nonexistent. If you can handle the speed, this cube is just amazing. Also, I think you will find DealExtreme's price is great for the V2 LingYun, compared to some of the other speed cube companies.
    This is the real deal, and anyone who likes the GuHong, or is interested in using a real-deal speed cube should pick one up.
  • fair quality magic cube

    posted by amaryeh

    White plastic is smooth and has quick and easy movement without adding lubricant.Colors are molded on, so stickers cannot come free.Cheap (under $3 a cube).
    Quality good for introduction to cube use. Won't hold up for long term use.
    Quality good for introduction to cube use. Won't hold up for long term use.Ok for party favors.
  • A beatiful but low-quality cube

    posted by nickolasb

    It immediately attracts people. Not just freaking geeks, but normal people!This cube is as easy (or difficult, it depends on you) to solve as a normal cube
    I already have some other cubes, and this one really added a different touch.
    You should always leave it where people can see it.I'm looking forward to buy more cubes from DX.

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